My poor baby girl

On our walk yesterday I looked down and noticed that the area between her front right paws was bleeding. I thought maybe she got a piece of mulch stuck or a spider bite. Upon closer inspection it turns out to look more like the sebaceous cysts she seems prone to having, but after some internet searching (bad, yes I know) it more appears to be an interdigital cyst. Very descriptive, I know, but it was bleeding which set my alarm bells ringing. As irresponsible as it seems to say, I have no idea how long it has been there…even after Dremel-ing her claws the other day. If I were to take a guess it probably has been there are while, undetected. It’s rather large, larger yesterday than today, which may be a function of the topical antibiotics I rubbed on it. Today when I was soaking it in a foot solution (I can’t believe we don’t have straight up Epsom salt. At least her foot smells good now) it appeared to be, oh, a 10mm x 10mm round, raised, soft, movable lesion (give or take 2mm). Less pink than yesterday. It has an opening in the wound and does not bleed anymore. She still does not like me touching it because it’s tender. My baby girl is a tough dog, so anything that pains her worries me. If it doesn’t go away in a week, I will certainly be taking her to the vet, and if it gets worse, then I will drive back up here to get her to the vet.

Today is the day I get dog #3! I’m pretty excited if not a little concerned. We shall see how it all turns out!

Last night, the guy I’ve been talking to the longest, the one I complained was too boring at first, divulged to me that I was the last one as of right now that he’s seriously thinking of a relationship with. We have set up  a date for Monday night, and I could tell he was beginning to get nervous that I wouldn’t like him and that things won’t turn out well. He rounded it all off with saying that even if it doesn’t pan out he seriously wanted to stay friends with me because he really likes me. He was putting it all out there and I’d noticed that he, of late, had unbarred himself and giving me his honest all. He’s an honest guy all around as far as I can tell, but it was a good gesture. I will say that I had no concern with him laying it all out there for me. But I did tell him that I do have a couple others I’ve been talking to. I, too, would like to stay friends with him, if things don’t work out (which I don’t think it will…too many weird things, but who knows) because I’ve grown rather fond of our strange conversations. It seems we don’t run out of things to talk about. He also told me that he’s been doing this online dating thing for 4 years. O_O I’ve only been on it maybe a month and half coming on 2. …It’s hard to find a guy with Catholic values like him. When we were at UMW, I’d always thought he was someone I’d like to be friends with and get to know better, but that opportunity never came around, even if our friend circles overlapped. WE shall see what Monday brings for sure.

I remain guarded in all affairs of the heart and I warned him that I am very difficult to get along with in that aspect, even mentioning that for the longest time I swore I wouldn’t get married. It’s true. If he laid it all out, I will to.

Exciting week commence in T-minus 9 hours!


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