wut wut

SOooOoOOOooooo….yesterday there was a Vietnamese temp hygienist. Turns out he’s a recently graduated dentist! My co-workers were like, GO TALK TO HIM. And I was like, huh? Until I realized what they were trying to do. *head smack* Well with my profound knowledge on extracting personal information from men, I ended up finding out so much about him. Quickly, I also realized that if I wasn’t going to jump on this opportunity whether or not it is available, I may never be able to do so again. I’m not going to lie: I really am attracted to Asian guys. A decent one is just so difficult to find and let’s face it: the guys that are in online dating are because they can’t hit it off in real life. There was always this inkling of “try looking in real life” in the back of my head, except I don’t do enough to actually be in social situations (hence my adventures in online dating. sad). Who knows if he truly is available or even looking, but I knew I had to push it because he wasn’t going to. My biggest talent in life is talking. So I did. It was hard not to delve too too deeply beyond the usual temp questions and work related subjects and make myself look desperate. At least when 2 people meet online it’s because they’re both looking for relationships and you know it. Then the day was over and I jumped into finding him on Fbook. Bold, huh? I thought so, but YOLO!! Right?? Haha. It didn’t hurt to take a chance. And guess what? He talked to me on Fbook last night! I was awkward again trying not to delve too personally, so I hope it didn’t scare him off. Oh well if it did, I guess. Surprising how brave I’ve gotten. At least it will be something to talk about at work today. lol.


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