Must be a hard Monday back at work because I’m getting lots of hits on my blog again.

Just finished playing piano and picked up my woefully neglected violin. Both instruments were covered in dust, but the violin…the poor violin…was completely out of tune and the bridge had moved. And then I proceeded to wail horribly on it and aggravated myself. I dunno if any of you play instruments, but to pick something up after a while and find that you sound absolutely terrible leaves you feeling unbelievably like a failure. So then to console myself I played the piano afterwards and sounded just as bad. A whole week’s worth of hard physical labor, gamepads, and cutting through tough gym mat foam is enough to make my hands as nimble as a boulder.

Blah. And I’m sleepy for no reason and I need to fold laundry. Funstuff. Maybe I’ll just work on Project aowam for a bit instead. Did I mention I’ve been working on it lately? I have. Sort of. No work, please! I don’t want to go back to work! So I’m trying to make myself as bored as possible, hence the sleepiness.


3 thoughts on “HMmm

  1. I hear you. I played piano for about 10 years and now I’m so rusty it makes it seem like all that time spent was wasted.


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