Project Samus: more progress

Helmet time! I took a midday nap yesterday which I never ever do and for good reason. Inevitably, I woke up and was uncomfortably nauseous. Everything I did and ate kept making it worse, so after swearing to never nap again picked up the helmet and gym mat and ran outside with it all because being in spanking natural sunlight was the ultimate cure. Dedicating my focus on the task at hand was also helpful.

And so, helmeting happened! It’s all very crude and tedious when it comes to trying to cut it all out from scratch. Heat gun for shaping, and bugbites galore. Never got around to dremeling the seams down because I become overly frustrated with

1) trying to cut out the shapes – It’s way too thick for regular duty scissors, so I had to score it first with my utility knife and go back with scissors to free it up. Double the time and still very difficult with scissors…not to mention trying to trim it down later to make it perfect. I’m afraid I messed up the poor pair of cutters.

2) Trying the pieces together and keeping it on the visor – HANDS DOWN THE MOST FRUSTRATING PART. I have these great from-scratch pieces that I want to adjust so that they’ll fit perfectly together, but for the life of me I CANNOT secure the pieces well enough to the mask to try on the top piece. It’s an awkward shape and I can’t clasp it between my legs, couldn’t find a decent stand anywhere in the house, couldn’t put it on my own head. I tried the tape, but it would just keep falling off the moment I put any pressure on it. Seriously I need 4 hands for this. This, of course, made it so that started looking on amazon for a mannequin head (a decent and well-sized one is $40 wuuuut) and then the dress form again. I will need it I know, but I don’t want to shell out $200 for both…

In other words, with these two obstacles overcome, all this work would have taken me maybe a 1/4 of the time to do.




…couldn’t even secure it well enough to take a picture.

Nonetheless, I am rather proud of what I was able t accomplish yesterday. Now I’ll need to spend a good amount of time dremeling the seams to make tem angular and able to fit together. Messy business…I’m glad the weather has been holding out. Progress always feels great!

Now if only I could figure out the painting business…


2 thoughts on “Project Samus: more progress

  1. Still looks awesome though! I remember paying something like $85 for my dressform, which was totally worth it considering how much I have used it. I use a lot of mannequin heads to style my wigs. Would a styrofoam one be ok to use?


    1. I actually got a foam one! I was afraid it was too small, but it fits my cap, so it’s the rght size for hats. The face portion is on the small side.


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