Aaand tomorrow is the big day! I’m not feeling really any sort of strange emotions right now. To me, it’s just something that’s going to happen this weekend. Is that a bad thing? I’m more excited about being south again and dealing with home stuff. The patio people FINALLY gave me a date because I called and complained about it taking too long. The lady sounds exasperated every time I talk to her. Heck, I spent WAY too much money for them to ignore me. Next time, I will not be duped and I will get at least 3 quotes. I’m not going to be there when they do it, but they don’t have to know that.

Did I tell you I ordered a mattress from Amazon? It has arrived! LOL. It was cheap and if it lives up to the amazing reviews I may think about buying some for other rooms. The only problem is that it doesn’t have a boxspring. Hmm. What to do…

I AM READING A BOOK. YES. And it was free from amazon too. I LOVE IT. It’s like a hole in my heart/mind is slowly being filled again. I feel so…fulfilled!!

And more good news: my blog stopped getting ridiculous amounts of hits! No more posting awesome things, methinks.

Also, for the record, I stepped on Gable’s head the other night and received 2 fang marks in my ankle. It was dark and couldn’t see him! I was even trying to shuffle my feet because I suspected him there, but he’s so thin that even my shuffling feet lifted high enough to step on him. I assume it was his head from the barrage of barks and the immediate bite. >_< My poor boy. I’m just lucky it wasn’t LIana with her small sharp teeth. His are big, but dull.

More to update in the near future! Maybe I’ll remember to take pictures. Unless it’s a flop, then I won’t bother. I’m going in with no expectations…just like my hygiene interviews. I’m so glad I made it casual. I hate dressing up. My friend told me that if any date showed up in a suit, that would not be the one for me. SHe’s totally right on.

The other guy that was I complaining of being boring has opened up quite a bit more to me since we’ve been chatting on Fbook. I was taken aback by the sudden change. It was amusing, but much more tolerable now. Yet another guy I’ve been chatting with on Fbook has stayed mostly the same, but we both put it out there early that what you see is what you get. I haven’t IM’ed people like this since UMW and it feels good because I miss it, even though I know deep down that this is all courting behavior. The last time I did that with other guys it all ended abruptly the moment I told them I wasn’t looking for a relationship. Maybe I shouldn’t say anything this time.


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