OKCupid Exploits.

I’m addicted. Yes, I know. So boring guy continues to messages me and we’re just chatting about stuff now. I have had a couple other messages. There’s this one pervy guy who told me I looked like a guy and that he likes Asian pussies and vaginas. I don’t know why I keep messaging him. We’ve been doing snarky one-liners at each other. It’s a bit amusing, I guess. Another guy has been telling me about his 75 acre “homestead” and his profile says he wants to be a gunsmith FT and not just PT like he is now. Then there was the 21 year old, the one from Cambodia, and the guy who wanted to go get coffee. Those 3 I didn’t message back.

You know, I am actually interested in Asian guys, but for some reason all their profiles are no good. It’s like they all have so much insecurity. The ones that sound decent, don’t have interests or future plans that match with mine. They all seem to want to travel. And what’s with everyone being “athletic” or “gym-nut?” is it for real? Plus about 95% of all the guys are at least 5’10” on their profiles. >_< From my patient pool at work, I dunno about that one…



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