artsy day!

MOstly because my sister gave me a deadline for finishing her cake toppers. Did I mention I was doing that, btw? Maybe I didn’t. I made them from Crayola Air Dry clay because Model Magic was much too finicky for my taste. I have no idea how people manage to use them so well. Anyways. I finished them today with the whole varnish and everything.







I don’t usually sculpt because working with 3D art is something I don’t normally do, but I did it this time and here is the result! As usual anything dealing with paint and varnish means lots of time. 2 hours for sculpting (not including the extra hour with model magic that ultimately failed and broke apart), 4 hours for painting, 3 hours varnishing because I knocked off an ear and messed up the paint. Well worth the $100 you’d charge for these. Too much labor, forgetting to sand/fine tune the sculpture after it dried and before the painting so now it looks…well…homemade. Mistakes are inevitable anytime you craft and especially when doing something for the first time, but knowing that doesn’t make them any less aggravating.

Took a break thereafter to buy a ceiling fan from Lowe’s and get their credit card because I’m not going to stop frequenting the store anytime soon. Might as well get that 5% discount. Memorial Day discounts! I’ve been spending a buttload of money lately.

Became restless after that (I finished Age of Mythology yesterday) and so I picked up the arm cannon and proceeded to test out different methods for smoothing out the craft foam seams. Did some research on cosplay forums and there were mixed advice for things. I ended up trying caulk, concrete sealer, Paperclay and Model Magic. And tape. Paperclay was the most widely given advice, and aptly so. The others seriously were not good choices. I wish there was an even easier solution because the Paperclay dries hard and is given to cracking, but so far it has been relatively easy to work with and is doing its job. I can’t think of anything else to use. I wasn’t able to finish all the seams with it yet, but it doesn’t take too long and finally was able to find use for those sculpting tools I bought. Did some more research for painting later (which I still dread, because just like the little sculptures, surely something terribly aggravating will happen) and decided that I’ll just have to suck it up and try, because there’s no way around it. NOT looking forward to it. I wish I knew how to paint better and mix colors, etc. It always happens this way…I do something decent and then around coloring time it all goes to waste and turns out only mediocre. :( All those wasted hours… No idea what it’s all going to turn out like. And this is only the cannon!!!!! I haven’t even made it to the helmet! And the actual armor itself???

WP_20140525_043  WP_20140525_042

The gaps I’m talking about:



Concrete Sealer (upper) and caulk (lower). Messy stuff.



See how it rolls up? (above) and after trying to rub it all off (below) it just looks bad.


So I replaced it with Paperclay. The only downside to it is the cracking like you can see here:


Otherwise it does a decent job.


Threw in a little Model Magic and quickly decided that it is not good for this.





Aaaaand there you have it! Just have to finish that up and then *gulp* into the challenge of sealing, priming and painting…


2 thoughts on “artsy day!

    • Thanks, haha. It’s a tad unwieldy because of the odd dimensions, so holding it with my feet or thighs or knees, etc is the only convenient way I could hold it up while I worked on it. If anyone was casually looking in my direction it could have construed as obscene. :)


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