Going in Late

Heading into work later today because I have no patients until 12. I know that it is less money for me, especially since I have to take off Thursday and possibly/hopefully Friday for 2 interviews on Thursday. Exciting? Sort of. I’m going into these with no expectations because I’m of half mind to wait until after my sister’s wedding just to make it easier to take off of work, etc. Still, if something good pops up, I don’t want to give up an opportunity. Having given up on the first one, I’m always evaluating myself and wondering if it was a mistake. The first office is probably a bust. I’ve already decided. The second one, might surprise me…the doctor herself called me and although I couldn’t understand much through her Indian ( I think) accent she seems very nice. Just like what I mentioned about relationships, going into something expecting it not to pan out is not a good way to do it, but lowering my expectations make any rejection less painful and lowers my stress level while in it. With a better, less desperate mindset I can perform better and make better decisions. It’s just nice to be able to have that flexibility.

Yesterday was spent in a CPR renewal course. I reallllly like the instructor, but he is retiring after this summer, which makes me think of another business venture that wouldn’t be bad: travelling CPR classes. I can’t think of many that will travel to individual offices on top of his fantastic teaching style. The convenience of the small class setting with your co-workers that comes to you as opposed to taking it at an institution with maybe 10-20 other people is quite valuable.

Mother’s Day saw me spending 4 hours cleaning up the house because my sister and Sven came up and then going out to eat with my grandparents. Good times! Although I imagine that he would’ve preferred to have stayed and had the grilled food we had last night for dinner. My sister, on the other hand, was the one who wants the good food when she comes up. Ironically we never go out to eat like that unless she comes up. It seems he has become much more comfortable with us, but neither one of us know him and vice versa. I wonder if it’ll ever be possible to be totally comfortable with him? He loves my dogs that’s for sure. My brother surprised everyone by getting my mom the camera I’ve been drooling after for the longest time: Canon Rebel T3i. In 3 days we took 300 images–90% of which are of my favorite subjects Gable and Liana. I have to say I was jealous, but I know my mom will let us play with it as much as we want. And by we I mean me. I got her that picture and frame I put together 2 months ago and my sister got her a grow-your-own-oyster-mushroom kit, flowers and a cow hot pad thing.







Saturday was a whirlwind of errand-running for dog foods and other random things.

All other times have been filled with AC: IV because it’s getting to the very end!!!

I bought tons of stuff online. WOOOOOOOOOO. Using money! Finally splurged and got myself the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader which should be arriving today, along with a case and a bunch of camera accessories. Super excited about the e-reader! As much as I greatly prefer traditional books (the feel, the smell, the ability to physically flip pages, the weight, the lack of batteries or undetectable electromagnetic field) the convenience and versatility of an e-reader is highly desirable. I already have a phone and have no need for a tablet, hence the choice for a dedicated e-reader with the e-ink capability, long battery life and added bonus of being able to read it in any light, not to mention better price. My brain has been yearning for intelligent reading, but I have been unable to satiate it. We have 2 libraries nearby and bookstores, but libraries seem somehow less inviting? and I have no more space for books on my bookshelf. The idea of being able to checkout e-books from the ePub and storing books on the device itself is very attractive to me. Plus, amazon sometimes have free books to offer or good deals. AMAZON IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD. Did you hear they bought the Washington Post? Certainly if I love a book, I will certainly wish to add it to my physical collection. I have similar views on movies.

Our house is decluttered and looks much nicer. Seriously, we need to have more visitors.

I guess I could have spent more time painting/crafting this past weekend, but I didn’t. If it all goes as planned, I’ll be down south from Thursday to Sunday which means you get to look forward to more posts! Yay! or not. Huh. Just realized that I need to plan out Thursday better. First interview is at 10:20 which means that I need to be at the house by 8-8:30 if I’m coming with the dogs which means leaving here by 7 which means no dog breakfast which means picky eaters. Uh oh. Maybe it’s better to head down Wednesday evening then? But I don’t want to do that. I could just wake up very early that day which  doesn’t make too much of a difference because I’ve been waking up between 5:30-6:30 everyday for like 2 weeks. Maybe that’s better…they always eat better at this house for some reason. The other house tends to cause picky eaters which reminds me of another point: I need food when I go down there for them and me.

Actually my puppies are causing another big problem: my sister’s wedding. As it seems now I’m going to have to leave them down at the house while we’re in Richmond and keep coming up and down to keep tabs on them. Friday and Saturday will be big tests for them as I can’t be there from 4ish to 8-10ish. Ill have a break on Saturday between the wedding and reception to come back up to check on them and walk them and make sure no one killed themselves on something. Worst case scenario, I still have the steamer down there along with Nature’s Miracle. This was the issue I feared when I got dogs…in this way I’m glad I have Liana too because Gable’s not as lonely and anxious with her around…even if she’s a paper-massacring-shoe-stealing-menace. We’ll get through it!!!

Wow I can’t believe I spent an hour and a half typing this up!!! With internet surfing breaks of course…

OH did I mention I pulled off my Stingray sting scab?? Well I did. :D


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