Wop WOP Wop

Weekend is over yet again! The power delegation makes me happy. Instead of me going down, I made my brother go down, but he was happy to do so. PLUS he was inspired to be productive. There’s something about living on your own, being your own boss and being accountable to yourself that makes things HAPPEN. In the meantime, here I was, inspired in my own way to be productive. I cleaned my bathroom (it’s AMAZING how awesome the bathroom looks by just wiping down the counters and sweeping the floors), did some gun-work, planted plants, transplanted plants, scanned some pictures, drew stuff, did laundry, cleaned the strands off the vacuum’s brush. Granted this is all across the span of 3 days…still! It’s productive work, and as we all know from physics: objects in motion want to stay in motion. Except this object wished to rest rather quickly. The rest of the time was spent playing an episode of AoE: II The Forgotten (too hard), and AC: IV (almost done, now it’s just grinding for money and materials).

Recently I tried milk again because people told us that Horizon milk doesn’t make upset tummies. While it was great to have milk again, my tummy didn’t appreciate the overload. After my $1.88 ice cream from Shoppers yesterday my tummy bubbled and complained loudly. Time to refrain for another several months.

Stingray update! It has been 9 months and the scab is starting to make its slow way out.

WP_20140506_003 WP_20140506_002

Why can’t it go faster. Every so often it still stings and causes sudden sharp pain, but not nearly as much as it used to. Still amazed that it’s still around this amount of time later.

Next week is Mother’s Day! I’m excited to show that present I put together for her.

My sister’s wedding is fast approaching. She has me doing things like a slideshow and cake toppers. That got me sculpting some shapes this weekend from Crayola Air Dry clay. They’re busy drying so I’ll take pics when it’s time to start painting them. Just trying to save some cash for her, otherwise she’d have to spend $100 on Etsy for something I can do for $5 + labor. Busy Busy.

Arm Cannon has come to a little bit of a standstill because while it’s much smoother looking, it occurred to me that there are lots of patches and holes that will not look nicer with paint. Now I have to figure out what to spread on it to fill them in but be able to smooth and paint later. I thought about paper mache, clay, or some home concoction, but haven’t really researched into it. How aggravating. And then paint color. Haven’t decided on anything yet. Blaaaah. This is the bad part in  a project where I tend to give up and not go back to it for 2-3 years.

Liana has suddenly become very attached to me. That’s a good thing, right?

I’ve resolved to ask for a raise at work. It’s been 3 years since I started working, but 2 since I worked full-time. I deserve something, methinks. Gotta get up the courage to ask!


One thought on “Wop WOP Wop

  1. Wow! Your foot looks just like mine! I’ve been freaking out over this stingray sting on my left foot. I’ve been on three different antibiotics and I’ve had X-rays and ultrasounds. Now my sting looks like a flat pimple. A small white ring around it. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been stung and knowing that I could be dealing with this for months after months is terrifying. At least I’m not alone! Just curious how you are doing now?!! Hope your foot is better!!!


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