Lots of hits

For some reason my blog has been getting an unusual amount of attention for the “I stepped on a stringray’s tail” entry. Kinda cool, but strangely disconcerting because this is a personal blog. Nothing as interesting has happened to me in a while…but that’s a good thing. Speaking of the sting site, it is doing well! The excess calloused skin around the wound has all peeled away and the large scab that’s there is halfway coming off. Give it another month and it may come off. If I wanted to, I could just peel it right off, but I know that will cause some nice bleeding, so against my desire, I will allow it to fall off by itself. For the most part. Great. I just poked at it, so now it’s panging. What is it now…9 months? Coming on a year!!

It has come to my attention that my body has grown to the point where I literally do not fit into my clothes. Nice clothes have never overflowed from my tiny closet, but after weeding out all the too-small items, it is painfully apparent that need decent dress clothes. Desperately. Dressing for interviews was bad enough, but just finding decent clothes to go to Easter Sunday mass was ridiculous and depressing. Today we went to Kohl’s on a mission to find more undershirts for work, work shoes, but some more nice clothes items. I hate clothes shopping, but today I tried on a dress and a cardigan and…..I…..liked what I saw. THERE I said it. <pout> We’re waiting to see if we can get a better coupon and we’re hoping it goes on sale some more, but I want it. And even more scarily, I TRIED ON MANY ARTICLES OF CLOTHING. Trying on clothes was my worst nightmare, but I tried stuff on just because. I think it’s going to snow. Hopefully not, though. Also, it seems my body is medium through and through. No more small sizes for me.

My sister’s wedding is coming up and now that I’ve gotten even more depressed about jobs, maybe I’ll hang around so that I can take time off and not feel bad about it. PLUS, they’re getting me a piezo at work!!! Finally!!! I am so happy and it was a lot less painful than I thought it’d be. It’s like they were waiting for me to ask. Is that annoying or what???

I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed IV all weekend long, to the point where I frustrated myself from playing so much. But I can’t help it!! Assassin’s Creed games and me are like a match made in heaven. It’s everything I want! Open concept worlds, good storyline, myriad of side quests and clear direction when I’m ready to go take it on.

There’s this guy in my neighborhood who has this cool looking white Ibizan Hound ( I think), but ever since it was a puppy he’s been yelling at it whenever I see him on walks. You’d walk along and all you’d hear is, “HEEL! HEEL! HEELHEELHEEL!” in a loud, harsh tone. It would always aggravate me and irritate my dogs too. Now it’s mostly all grown, but today I got to witness him with the dog AND his son on a bike. I heard, “STOP, TURN RIGHT, NO GO STRAIGHT, HURRY UP, GET BACK ON THE BIKE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GET BACK ON IT NOW, JESUS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, GET BACK ON IT!!” Liana had quite enough so she started barking which I had to correct, but I’ve noticed that she will bark at any dog that is unstable…and maybe people that are unstable. haha. Sometimes it takes seeing what others are doing to reinforce that you shouldn’t do that yourself. I certainly try not to. At least the Ibizan hound got a break today. I took them to the park on Saturday morning which was fun and relaxing. After that, I noticed that my puppies walk better. Cesar Millan is on to something about the whole migrating thing. Liana has been much more accepting of me as pack leader and very much so after the park walk. She will come to me now, wanting to be petted, or just to place her head on my lap. That’s a big step for her because she hasn’t shown interest before this. Almost 3 months!

This coming weekend we’re heading down south! I’m all excited! Got a bunch of plants starting in pots to be planted out later.

Gotta keep making progress on the arm cannon!


2 thoughts on “Lots of hits

  1. My personal blog has also been getting at least 1 hit or several views from the same person/people, even though the posts aren’t tagged. Usually if it’s from the WP reader, it will say so too but they haven’t been from that either since I haven’t been updating. Weird.

    I’m totally in the same boat as you when it comes to clothes. I’m in the process of donating/selling most of my clothes because I don’t fit in them anymore! I had an interview a few months ago and had to borrow pants because none of my business attire fit me anymore. Time to buy new clothes.


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