Project Samus: Almost there!

Aaaaaand today was Project Samus! I should cool it on the posts, eh?

Arm Cannon base COMPLETO!!






The cannon hole in the front didn’t turn out quite like I originally thought it might because I had the dilemma of colored plastic for the flashlight effect. I’m not all that satisfied with the resulting look from the front, but I couldn’t find an orange sharpie and I don’t think it would have ended up being dark enough for my liking anyways. I guess I still have time to mull it over because I can still cut it out and have it like I originally planned.


Here’s how I went about with the color: colored 2 pieces of plastic from a soda bottle with a red sharpie and a yellow sharpie. Together they make orange, but I had the bright idea of having the 2 lenses apart from each other in the hopes that the distance would impair anyone’s vision as to the inside of the cannon when light is shown. Doesn’t seem to really make a difference.  In retrospect, I should have just literally combined the two on top of each other and left it at that. Hmmmmm….should I do it? It looks dumb right now in my opinion.


See, here’s the orange! My phone camera sucks, but you can still sort of see the orange.


All there’s left to do now is smooth out the edges with rotary tool (might be an issue with the hot glue gumming up everything) and then start experimenting with paint…the part that I dread the most. It would look fantastic afterwards if I had an ounce of coloring know-how, but seeing the results of my attempts on RW, I’m terrified of messing everything up. I’m going to do some serious experimenting beforehand. I just hope the corners and roughness of the edges will be hidden. Another major question is what kind of light source should I use inside? I have a flashlight that can blink which turned out pretty neat to look at, but with the dowel on the inside like that, it’s awkward to hold anything in there…hmm…



2 thoughts on “Project Samus: Almost there!

  1. This is sooooo coool!! You did a really nice job and I love how it lights up. So…ready for a convention in the near future? :)


    1. Haha! Sure….whenever I get the rest of it done!! I will totally hit you up when I’m ready as it seems you’re set in on cons. :)


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