I dunno…maybe I should start a separate DIY blog. I’ve gotten completely addicted here. My recent idea. After the whole plumbing thing (which, btw, HAS NOT LEAKED after the minor leaking incident last night, YESSSSSSSSS) I’m completely inspired to go on. Actually my brother’s starting to get into it too. He’s got woodworking in his background and at the other house we’ve been wanting a garage workbench, but things cost too much so we’re wondering if we can do it ourselves. So the plan is that when I replace the flooring, the next thing to tackle would be the kitchen cabinets because floors and cabinets HAVE to get along especially the way my house is set up. No way in the world would I be able to afford brand new cabinets, so the only other option would be to repaint. While repainting it (creamy, rustic white hopefully) I would then be able to add mouldings for decorative purposes or even cut out the center and add some glass…how cool is that.

Needless to say, my tool collection really needs to grow: namely a miter saw and molding crowbar at the moment. We sort of have random other tools floating around which is why I want to start the garage workshop to get everything organized in one place dedicated to tools and home improvement. That way we won’t have to run around and be like, “where’s this and that???” Right now the bigger issue is, “dude, it’s at the other house. Gloom.

Feeling stoked.

I changed the layout of my room again. Always makes me feel refreshed and energized. Think it’s a good day for Project Samus?


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