I did stuff this past weekend

…wait. It’s only Saturday??? I could’ve sworn it was Sunday and I need to go back to work tomorrow.

Things accomplished:

1) Drawer pulls!!


Proud of myself. Even more proud of getting the screws countersinked because they were too short for my cabinets:


Not perfect but close enough! Power tools! I tell you the linoleum the lady picked out is just cheap. It’s so thin that the floor is ridiculously hard. I had to kneel the whole time and all wanted were knee pads. Next time I’m using a cushion. The cabinet knobs should be arriving at some point. I hope. Target is so slow as compared to Amazon Prime.

2) Present for my mom for Mommie’s Day!

Being the Clearance Queen that I am, I am proud to say that the entire project cost less than $40. The painting was on clearance for minor defect and the frame for the same.

Drove back up early this morning just so that I could have time to do this. Went straight to Michael’s and spent a good hour there just poring over the frames and colors and left with some random grey paint. On a whim, went to Homegood’s next door to see if I could jack a frame from there and BAM. Clearance section and there’s the perfect frame!!! (On a side note I went to Home Depot where I wandered for another hour or so, completely forgetting what the heck I was in there for and left with a bunch of laminate samples, cord reel and plastidip *shrug* Then it was off to Giant where I managed to spent $85 on groceries for myself. Myself. For a week. I think there’s a lesson there somewhere.)

Clearance section!


And the backing is good for ripping off!



It’s just cardboard underneath


Finished! Can’t believe it took as long as it did.


Ran around the house looking for a suitable backing and ended up finding some snowflake Martha Stewart paper wrapping.


I’m pretty proud of it. Still thinking that it would look better with a black mat around it, but 22 x 22 in frame is hard to find which means that I would need a mat cutter. Bleh.

Right happy with the progress I made this weekend. PRODUCTIVITY AT IT’S BEST.

The plan for tomorrow and Monday is to work on the gun…hence the paint and Plastidip. Gonna do a few test sprays…wait. It’s raining. I can’t. Blaaah. At least I can try the paint out.

I’m fat again. Was doing SO WELL not eating anything fattening, but I forgot to put out dinner meats and we had to go get fast food. Figures. My chin and stomach flab feel particularly uncomfy right now.


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