Life post

After much deliberation, I still have not decided if I want to take that hygiene job. Financially it’s certainly feasible, if a little tight, even with only 24 hours a week, but that other parts of it are a real downer.

  1.  It’s only Wed-Fri, but I’m expected to be available to sub for one of the other 2 hygienists if they need leave because of sickness or kids. This places a real damper on my plans to work somewhere else other days of the week to supplement my income and to get my foot in the door for a vet office or something.
  2. It’s an advanced practitioner office. Basically they double book you because you have a hygiene assistant and all I do is scale, scale and more scale. As much as I dislike polishing and flossing, it is a nice break from the scaling part. What’s more, the reason I’m trying to cut down on hygiene hours is that I want to preserve my failing hands, back and beginning carpal tunnel syndrome. Not to mention that it seems the population pool down there is much different than up here. I’m almost spoiled up here.
  3. More of a gripe than anything, it seems that they want me to do anesthesia and while I am capable and certified, I’d rather not.

On the other hand, the office and staff that I’ve met are very nice. More petty dentists would have been very offended by the questions I asked. He took them all in stride, certainly passing my test. With all that said, they have offered me a working interview. I have yet to respond and will in all likelihood do it tomorrow after work (is that too rude to wait that long?). I don’t really want to miss more work up here as I still have bills to pay, but they want it on a Wed or a Thursday (probably because they want me to meet Dr. Scelfo) and that would mean that I’d either have to take 2 days off again or drive back up here after the 8-5. The latter seems more attractive at this point even with my exhaustion and road rage. I wonder if I could just leave very early the next day? Ugh, but then a full day at work would just kill me. Or I could just try hard to take it easy. Before making a decision I really should wait until after the working interview. Who knows, I might like it. All of his staff so far have stayed at least 5 years, so it must be a good place to work. I’d be the only non-white person and definitely the youngest. My desire to become stable down at the other house is very strong. When it all comes down it, finances are everything. If I can’t afford it, I just can’t do it.

In other news, daylight savings time is KILLING me. I woke up late today, and only because the dogs were up (how do they know?). Gonna have to set me alarm tomorrow methinks. Probably didn’t help that last night I thought I was going to sleep at a decent hour, but I hadn’t changed my alarm clock yet.

This coming Saturday is the MOM Project I have to leave the house by 5:30 for. During daylight savings. I’m excited to meet everyone though! Then the working interview next week, get some car stuff out of the way, then my mom leaves for California at the end of the month, and I may have a new job soon. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll end up working for Geico after all. Can’t beat a 10 minute (if that) commute in no traffic. I mean, I could ride my bike there.

Speaking of jobs, though, I just signed up for health insurance finally so I won’t get tax penalized. More money. Yay. Man the pay rate up here is so much better.




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