Post interview

Sooooo. I come home after the interview and sitting in traffic to find that the Dark Lady has ingested an entire bag of Cadbury dark chocolate candied eggs. DARK chocolate. A whole bag. And of course, have NO hydrogen peroxide at this house. Had to run out to Wal-Mart to pick it up (along with some snacks…$11 for an $0.88 bottle of peroxide), race back and feed her a tablespoon (I think it’s technically a teaspoon. I had tried some mustard but that definitely didn’t work). AUUUGH I forgot the Pepcid AC daggumit. Worked instantaneously. So quickly, in fact, that I didn’t have time to catch her as she ran over to my light carpet to throw the entire contents of her tummy up. SHe was standing on linoleum. Why not the linoleum. The smell of dark chocolate pervaded the house and it was gross. I ended up having to give Gable some too, just in case, but poor boy, he didn’t even eat one. I knew there was something wrong right away because when I pulled into the garage he was already barking. Telling on her, as is his specialty. She had tried to eat my gumballs too, but couldn’t get to them. Just spent the last 2 hours steam-cleaning everything. Thank goodness I ended up bringing the steamer because she had peed on the carpet the last time she was here.

Before and After pics:



I repeat: why not the linoleum? And of course it has to be on that segue where I can’t clean properly.

Anyhoos, I think the interview went very well. They kept me waiting, so I had time for the nerves to completely disappear. On top of that, the Dr. was very nice and it was really easy to talk with him. Turns out one of the hygienists are retiring, so they’re looking to replace her. Everyone at the office has been there for quite a while, so they must like it. It’s a different system there than I’m used to, for sure, as they do the hygiene assistant thing, but it’s only 3 days. I don’t know. I don’t know if I want to work there. Yes and no. I don’t like the idea of the hygiene assistant thing, but I like the people and the office so far. He told me they’d get back to me, as they’ve just started the interviewing.

Boy it’s gotten dark here! I’m accumulating pictures so I can do the slideshow for my sister. I am seriously lacking in old pictures of us. I say again, the only thing I regret leaving Midlothian was not scanning more from the albums. I guess I’ll have to hook up my grandparents to find old pictures.

I haven’t eaten practically all day. It still smells like chocolate around here. Maybe it’s stuck in my nose.


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