Stingray Sting: 7 months later

Another stingray update! It has been over half a year now since I stepped on the stingray’s tail. It certainly hasn’t gone away…in fact it is raised and hurts when pressure is put on it. It looks kinda creepy too, but it’s not uncomfortable enough for me to get it addressed again. No doubt everyone will just ponder over it, take some ultrasounds, and then send me on my way again. If I step on my foot the wrong way, it hurts, so it makes me thankful that it didn’t sting closer to the middle of my foot. If it had, then I most likely would need it addressed. My guess is that my body is trying to push the rest of the injury out, slowly. Either that or scar tissue has overgrown the area. I feel like it’s not getting worse…potentially even a little better.

I’ll keep monitoring it. In the meantime, here are some pics:





Last day of work this week before the I make the trek south for my interview! Tried on some clothes this morning only to find that I don’t fit in most of my pants. I really need to lose some weight…Starting to get a little nervous…


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