So I had success yesterday with the Kongs I stuffed for Liana. We came home to no destruction. I made some today again because my mom left early and I’m about to leave too. The peanut butter ones were placed in the fridge and the bone one with Dentastix I left on the counter. I ran upstairs, with Gable close behind, and shortly thereafter heard a telltale whump. It sounded rubbery and heavy. There was no mistaking what had fallen and there was only one reason why it would. I then raced down to find her triumphantly carrying her prize in her mouth. A firm “NO” saw her drop it and then become scared.

She’s just so headstrong! If she wants it, she wants it. They both saw me stuffing the Kongs but Gable knows that he’ll get it later and trusts that I won’t forget. She saw it and wanted right then. She has absolutely NO impulse control! I’ve been trying to work on it with her when giving her treats. At this point I don’t care about tricks as just controlling her impulses. The walks have been almost zen-like now that I’m consistently enforcing my rules. We decided that her ripping into things while we’re gone is 100% separation anxiety. When we come home she’s an angel and sleeps soundly and contentedly, but when we’re not she goes into monster-mode. I always have to remind myself that it has only been a month since we’ve had her, but boy I feel like we’ve had her at least 6 months! It’s hard to get mad at her because amongst the ripped up carnage there’s always someone’s shoe…not ripped into, just there as if she wanted our presence there with her. I guess Gable’s not a very good comfort figure. I’m assuming he gets S.A. himself to some degree even now.

Speaking of impulse control, my brother got me the first volumes to both Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, and Miles Edgeworth Investigations manga, and I ran out to Barnes & Noble to buy everything they had. >_< I have to try very very hard not to destroy them all in one read.

OK, finally to the subject title of this entry. Remember I’m supposed to try and blog about bloggy things, not just my mundane life?

Alright: Taste. Have you ever wondered why some people like things and other don’t, while at the same time there are dishes that all. Medicines are naturally gross to us too, because, yes, it IS toxic, but once again we’ve found that in minor doses it does more good than harm. That then brings us to the more “normal” foods. I personally loathe any sort of fishy anything. I can’t stand seafood. The smell, the texture, the taste (I feel the same way about mushrooms)…it’s enough to make me want to barf. Some people think it’s all in my head and that I’d like it more if I ate it more, but it’s not like I’ve never had (nor that my grandma hadn’t tried to trick me into eating things) it! In fact, I am allergic to shellfish. My body figured that out at a very young age because I remember refusing to eat even imitation crab meat. Another example is my brother. He hates anything buttery or cheesy, but then, he’s always been strongly lactose intolerant. The rest of his food weirdness is just a headcase of not ever wanting to try other people’s food besides my mom’s (probably in retaliation to my grandma trying to trick him into eating things when we were young).

This brings us to the other end of the spectrum, though, which is loving the taste of something that I can’t eat. For me, it’s tomatoes, cheese, milk and similar products. However my argument for that is that I used to be able to eat them. It just so happened that I developed lactose intolerance and an allergy to tomatoes later on in life…late enough that I remember how much I like them. So, in short, maybe we should listen to our bodies when it doesn’t like something, but then try to discern and manage the true head-cases. There’s more I’d like to discuss about this topic, but I spent too much time complaining about my dogs and now it’s time to go!



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