Yesterday really didn’t end up being that productive after all. Liana ended up ingesting a couple baking cups with Angel Food cake residue on them after I made a mess in the kitchen making a batch of Angel Food cake. I induced vomiting with a teaspoon of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (worked like a charm!! I knew that syringe I stole from work would come in handy one of these days) and she re-ate about half of it in the time it took me to grab paper towels and a bag. >_< She managed to get her hungry jaws on them because I was busy yesterday battling some serious diarrhea…I’d been having a mild stomach issue all last week and it finally culminated in diarrhea. BLah. My ear/throat STILL hurts. I wonder what I have.

Watched a bunch of TV on the couch because my stomach felt bad, ate some Ravioli, shoveled the snow off the deck, let the pups chase squirrels, picked up some poops in the backyard, depressed myself looking at my bank account, procrastinated on taxes and hygiene CE credits…and that’s about it.



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