Is it really Monday?

I swear that it feels just like a Tuesday. I feel like I should be at work.

This weekend has been…kinda sucky actually. The only really good thing to come from it is that I managed to sketch, ink, color, and post an RW!!! Everything else has just been blucky. Saturday saw me sick with really bad sinuses (nausea out the wazoo) which extended into Sunday and a bit into today and tacking on a sore throat. Every year around my birthday I get sick. It used to happen to my mom, but now it’s mine. Mostly I just lay around…though I guess I did end up finishing up a book. Yesterday my mom dragged me out of the house and we went grocery shopping, then bought a pooper scooper for the backyard (dang snow), and then to Wal-Mart for a respirator mask and some birdseed. Came home to find that Liana had somehow found a box of chocolates from somewhere (before we left the house I had a vision of her tearing up some food containers, but couldn’t think of anything she could get to. I still can not remember where the box of chocolates was). The box was in a million pieces and the tray of chocolates empty. Called the vet…they recommended Pepcid AC…so I had to go get some from Wal-Greens… WHAT A MENACE. She’s dead bored. They both have cabin fever, but Gable deals with it well. Liana….well….let’s just say that maybe the yard to the south is not so much for Gable but for her. It makes me suspect that maybe they didn’t give her up because of small-animal unfriendliness, but that she was tearing into things because she’s high-energy. It’s hard to remember that I’ve only had her a month…I just wish she’d trust me more.

So I bought the filtering mask because I’ve decided that the foam I bought to use on the arm cannon and face mask is toxic. Face mask + toxic = not good. I’m hoping that the paint and sealer will help with that. It’s too late to go back, now though. Every time I cut into it or make little particles from it, I feel immediately nauseous. Doesn’t help that I’m using a Sharpie to mark things out either, but my lungs don’t feel great afterwards either. It makes me nervous, then to be using it around my dogs. Maybe the next time I need to smooth/grind it, I’ll do it outside. That aside, I’ve cut out most of the pieces, and am almost ready to put it all together. Just a little bit more planning for the sides, but overall It’s almost ready for details and paint!!!

I just found out today, after complaining that I have an old soul, that my 1st grade teacher asked my mom if I was held back in school because she thought that my thinking processes were too mature for 1st grade. I wasn’t… Maybe that’s why in the past I’ve been described as being very mature for my age. Blaaaaaaaah. This all before turning a year older in a couple days.

OK, off to let Liana out and to attempt work on the arm cannon!




One thought on “Is it really Monday?

  1. Good thing you bought that respirator. Safety first! Although I’m pretty sure I’ve inhaled too much contact cement when working on armor. My roommate walked into my room and said to me, “It smells…toxic in here.”


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