I woke up early today!

I thought it was late. So I woke up before the alarm clock. More of late, I’ve noticed that it’s really hard to get up…is it because I’m getting old, or is it because there’s nothing really to get up for anymore? It’s all the same, one day after another. I live for the weekends these days, but even then there’s nothing going on. If it wasn’t for my dogs I think I’d be unbelievably lazy. Then there’s that impending doom feeling that I have for my self-made timeline. I don’t think it’s going to happen, and I hate it.

Religion is something I stay away from talking about on my blog because as usual it’s a source of strong contention with people. I was yakking and getting deep with my co-worker yesterday and it amazes me how some people can be so shaky on their own beliefs. They use it to their advantage. They believe if it’s convenient, but forget it if it’s inconvenient. Beyond that, it amazed me to realize that I am rock-solid in my own beliefs…even if I haven’t been fully religiously involved. It’s a good feeling to be that confident.

Man, I’ve been chatting up my patients like there’s no tomorrow. Since when am I that friendly with people? I can’t multi-task! If I do, then I tend to miss anything and everything. People can be very fun to talk to, and for my purposes, a more relaxed patient is a trusting patient. It’s the same tactic I used in any of my speech/presentation requirements…you become personal. People like you. Then they’re malleable. Ooooh…maybe I just gave away my secret on how to manipulate people. hahaha. I’m good at this betrayal thing. My co-workers can work under the notion that they MUST remove everything the first time. I take a different approach to those harder patients: it’s true you should remove everything and really the law requires you to, but time is what matters. You get in a little bit at a time, and when they trust you, they’ll let you do most things. It sounds bad, but it’s for real and useful. Maybe I’m just practicing for working at a new office. With that said, I ate high-maintenance patients and my goal is to not create them to begin with. In my experience, the best way to do that is to throw them to different hygienists. It’s funny, the long-time hygienist at our office more recently expressed a strong desire to get back to patients who aren’t high-maintenance and that she doesn’t have to be chatty and friendly with. She seems to have all the hard and chatty patients, and she wants what, basically, I have which are those who come in, get cleaned, and leave. The trick there is to not create them to begin with. My system is talk in the beginning, do it, talk a little bit and done. If they’re getting nervous, or things are getting a little awkward, then talking during is necessary, but you control the conversation.

My girl wants me to be done, so I guess I’m done. haha.


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