Wut seriously?

SO, I, for one, did not watch the Superbowl. No, not even for the ads this year. I did glimpse at the score once or twice and I definitely know the final score and that Denver was completely shut-out. What an embarrassment for the Superbowl!!! Whenever there is a large disparity in the score for the NFL, it means you suck…worse off that all stakes were in for Peyton Manning. Funny that I don’t see so many ads with him in it all of the sudden (Buick, Papa John, Nyquil). For the record I’d like to say that I was rooting for the Seahawks because their uniforms looked pretty all dark blue and neon green.

Speaking of ads, though, apparently there was one ad that has everyone up in arms: The Coca-Cola ad. Then articles like this start popping up. After reading that, I go and watch the commercial. It’s great. As a speaker of a “foreign” language I think it’s cool and kinda wish there was Vietnamese in it. To me, Coke’s message was loud, clear and beautiful. I think it’s neato. No one’s trying to replace the song with another language…geez. I absolutely love that song and wish it was our national anthem. If anything, Coke won more people than lost them. The problem with the internet is that people are unbridled and feel like they can just post inciteful things because it will spark this awesome debate and make others mad, etc. How much you wanna bet that many of the naysayers can come up to my face and tell me, basically, that foreigners are not allowed here? Do they realize that English is not the native language here? English descendants were foreigners too, in case anyone forgot. I, technically, am not a foreigner. I was born here. English is my predominant language. People on the phone can not distinguish that I am actually biologically Vietnamese. However, my relatives and my mom were not. People at work do the same thing: they speak to me about the “foreigners” as if I will agree with them. The hair? My eyes? My family?? I don’t take offense usually at these things, because I know that people can be ignorant, but sometimes they take it too far and say things they don’t really mean. Then, of course, there are articles like the one above that take all that hatred and funnel it into one place creating even more and opposite discord.


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