Stingray wound 5 months later


That’s what it looks like. 4mm x 6mm oval, pink, smooth, lightly raised lesion. I would have completely forgotten about it except that more recently it has been bothering me. In the past few months it would occasionally twinge, but in the last 2 weeks it twinges much more often to the point that it becomes a sharp pain. It never lasts long, but it’s enough for me to notice it and wonder what it going on.

My foot doctor patient a few months ago told me that the occasional twinge is normal. I wonder what he meant by that.


4 thoughts on “Stingray wound 5 months later

    1. Yes it has! I should have posted at the one year…you know it IS about a year since the crazy itching started. Maybe I’ll remember to post an update soon. Hope you’re doing OK.


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