Tuesday again >_<

This weekend just BLEW by so quickly! Even with Mondays off, it’s been crazy. Of course, it’s because of the excitement of the weekend causing everything to move so quickly. First there was the excitement of heading south with everyone in tow late Friday night. Spending 2 nights there allows the next day to be spent making plans that don’t include travelling…like shopping! It goes a long way to make living down there feel normal. I ended up getting a 7.5′ Christmas tree for only $75 (score!!) because it was 75% off and finally a vacuum specifically for the house. And THEN my brother finally attempted to get a ceiling fan up and running which was really exciting. It has been so long since we last had a ceiling fan! My only hope is that it doesn’t short out while I’m gone and destroy the house -_-;;. Secondly, was, obviously, the introduction of Liana my new greyhound! I know it’s supposed to be a trial run, but she had me the  moment Gable lay down and was completely at ease with her. I’m going the week as is necessary, but I plan on telling the previous owner on Friday that I want to keep her. Yesterday night (only 1.5 days into having her) I felt like we’ve always had her and spent the day yesterday buying her all sorts of things online (collars, beds, coat…I need to get the raincoat, but I feel like I’ve spent some good money already). She and Gable have their moments, some power struggles and silliness, but they’re comfortable being in the same room at night close together so I know he’s cool with everything. Walking is still a struggle but I am determined not to get frustrated. It hasn’t even been 2 days for crying out loud! She’s getting accustomed to my rules and she knows her name now!! So exciting.

blah to work….I really hope the kiddies get along while we’re all away today. I’m pretty worried.


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