“Lucy” the Greyhound

SO. As you may have known, I am in the market for a new greyhound. I had contacted GPA-NoVA back in November in the hopes of finding a sibling for Gable. I had no real requirements besides the issues of compatibility with my boy…I mean, certain characteristics would be nice, namely, around the same age as him, not too crazy dog, hopefully no food issues, and even more hopefully not too many vet issues. There was a really long gap of time where I heard absolutely nothing and was getting antsy about it, when all of the sudden there was an email about a older dog who was in need of a new home. As a re-homer his owners had had him 4 years (he is currently 9) with another female, but wanted desperately to give him up because they were having issues with him and their 2 year-old son. To be perfectly honest, it more irked me than anything. They had adopted him when he was 5, about the same age as my boy. They had him 4…FOUR years. I understand that a human child is important, but after all those years, you’d think that you’d do all in your power to make it work. Heck, they make it clear when you first adopt these dogs that they may not be good to have around little kids. What I think might have happened, since the female seems to have no problems, is that they may have been thinking all along that the male, because he’s a male, will have issues with the baby, as opposed to the female, who because she’s a female, should naturally be good with kids. When go into a situation thinking something will happen, more than likely you will see that it happens that way. Anyways, after some consideration I thought it would be OK, even having qualms about an older dog (wait….I think I blogged about this already…). For some reason the President didn’t get my email and after finally getting in touch with her there was someone else already ahead of me in line. In a way I was relieved, but not at the same time because I really wanted a companion for Gable and I have a timeline to follow…I want to get the dog business out of the way before I delve wholeheartedly into job searching.

And then. The president tells me about this other dog–another re-homer–who also needs a home. She’s from Alabama and has been re-homed once before. Turns out she was re-homed the first time for separation anxiety and this time for being not small animal/cat safe. I was forwarded a novel of an email about how she is known for killing a couple bunnies, and even was in an altercation at a dog park that resulted into the small dog needing vet care and blood, etc. She currently lives with another male greyhound and can be leash reactive. Other than all the negative, however, she is truly a sweet dog. The current owner doesn’t want to give her up, but has to because knowing her history around small things, she is not comfortable having her around her daughter’s new baby. So I got in touch with the lady and this coming weekend she’ll be bringing the dog, named Lucy, over to visit and for a few days as a trial run.

I am super excited. Challenges, especially the doggie kind, are always welcomed by me. After my successes with Dudley and Tristan I am eager to try with another dog. This time it will be with a dog that I don’t know, but also that will be mine. It won’t be like Dudley or Tristan in that I make all this progress and they go back to being themselves…I will make progress and she will be mine. Just like Gable. I know that it’s just a trial run, but I don’t give up…I’ll never give up on a dog unless it is extreme and I truly cannot do it. Which leads me to speculate on why the president keeps trying to give me these aggressive cases. Remember she tried to give me that one girl who would growl and bite people? In this case, I was surprised that she didn’t send a mass email like she usually does and instead offered privately to me. Going back on the time stamps, she had received this email way back in mid-December. The assumption is that since she’s a multi-homer, she wanted to be sure that the person who takes her will not re-home her again. Each time a dog is re-homed, it gets harder and harder for them to trust people…like I see in Tristan…because they begin to associate attachment with re-homing. I feel proud that she would consider me over others for a case like this. When I told her 2 years after initial adoption of the time I had with Gable and his ailments and food habits, she seemed truly impressed that I kept him after all of it. Apparently people have re-homed for much less.

Her racing name was Lady Jaguar (how cool is that), she ran 34 races and won several of them. She’s 6 years old, exactly 3 months older than Gable…she shares the same birthday as my mom. :) She is black, about 70lbs and has the same slim build as Gable does. He’s from Texas and she’s from Alabama. My brother says maybe Gable likes southern girls, haha. Many of the greyhounds from West Virginia are the stocky kind, not like Gable. Her current owner had her in for a dental just last month.

I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly hope it all works out…I don’t doubt my abilities, but there’s always that little risk, you know? I am beside myself with excitement. It hardly seems real. :)


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