Happy New Year 2014!!

I went to sleep last night not long after my post and vaguely remember some popping going on outside. Needless to say I did not make it to midnight.

After my lament about Tristan backsliding, he was impressive this morning. I stopped and without any prompting from me, he backed way up to the place I wanted him to be. I was sooo happy! Still a work in progress, but that takes the cake and I will forever be proud of accomplishing that. It served also to remind me of training Gable the exact same way. That’s how I did it. I got in touch with my uncle today and informed him that I work tomorrow. He responded saying that he’ll be in to take Tristan tonight. Immediately I had mixed feelings. On one hand I am glad to be relieved of the stress/burden of a stubborn dog, but on the other I don’t want him to leave…after all the progress, the companionship, and all I know we’ve afforded him here I don’t want to send him back into instability. We have beds, raised feeders, good food, lots of toys, and regular walks. Since he stays with my grandparents so often, we bought with them an LLBean bed of his own…something he covets of Gable here. I know that everything I’ve accomplished with walks and dominance will go back down the drain. It has been a long time since I’ve seen him so relaxed. …At least Gable will appreciate the routine from before the visitor…although he’s so happy with another dog on hand.

These are in chronological order!

First picture together. Gable is not impressed.
Down south and first time they voluntarily lay down together. Gable is so big!


Back north and anticipating breakfast.




There’s a deck??


Yess!! Nose to nose and sleeping!


Vying for my attention


Wearing Gable’s puffy coat. Butt sniff!


Looking warm and sharp! A little unsure…


Twins :)



It’s a little big for him…


Trying on Gable’s pink coat hahaha if only his dad could see this.


What can I do though? Such is life. :) He’s snoring next to me.

He was unable to do this the first 2 days with us. This is the culmination of relaxation in this pup. So proud.

SO. New year. What does it hold? Too much, unfortunately for me. First things first, new greyhound, new job, my own health insurance, leaving my current job, moving, same bills, lesser income, potential for new career! Not to mention the introduction of a new human sibling by law. Bring on the stress!!! Already the bills are rolling in. It’s supposed to be a happy time of year, but we all know it’s after Christmas and therefore BILLS and TAXES and INSURANCE. MOOOOONEEEEEY.

Resolutions!! Making these are obligatory at the crowning of the new year, knowing full well that you probably won’t make most of them, but it’s nice to have goals!!

  1. Lose Weight/get back into shape – Remember Wii U Fit? Yeah. We keep meaning to do stuff on it, but it’s hard to get yourself to do so. I still have my dream gym for the basement list on Amazon and the exercise bike to get for this house. The bike is most likely the best bet here since it will be in the living space and with easy access for everyone in front of the TV.
  2. Keep up with RW – Away from school now and in the work force, I don’t have to do anything at all! While that’s great, it makes for a dull person with no creative exercising and no deadlines –> laaaazy. Having this sort-of-weekly expectation is good for my brain. It keeps me grounded and focused enough to try not to sit in front of the TV watching re-runs.
  3. Keep up with WordPress – Similarly my usually weekly-if-not-more-entries also give me something to look forward to, to accomplish. I will try to use it more like a blog and less like a diary, but heck that’s the point of me keeping this to begin with, eh? WP is my mental shrink.
  4.  Project AoWaM – Remember that? Evidently not. Do something about it!!!
  5. Keep expenses to a minimum – yeeeeah that’s a toughie, but more important than ever because I know that my income will drop drastically by moving south and even with a new job. It’s made even harder by all the stuff I want to accomplish at the house including: finishing the other side of the lawn (oh yeah I should take a pic of that to show you what happened) to look as nice as the other, maintain a weed-free lawn, plant things, mulch, paint kitchen cabinets, attach handles to cabinets, get ceiling fans up, get versa tracks up in the garage, make mom a custom closet, fix the pantry shelves…among other things. I really really wish I could replace the floors before the heavy furniture make their way down, but that costs sooo much.
  6. Acquire a new job – not much to explain there. My bosses have yet to write that reference for me.
  7. Figure out a new career/job – Toughie here. My hands have become even more unpredictable when holding thin items. I drop things far more often than I’d like to admit. As much as I loathe the idea, maybe a desk job will be best? I don’t know what I can do that I am qualified for…I become bored so quickly and am terrible in fast-paced environments. I need time to mull things and to get it done well. And the pay!! Ugh.
  8. Save money – this goes hand in hand with spending less, but I desperately need to go back to saving money. Living paycheck to paycheck is not a fun way to go about it. I’d always been proud of being able to save no matter how little I got paid, but I can’t say that anymore!
  9. Get back in touch with my spiritual side – Let’s face it. I admit it: I haven’t been the most devout person this year. Making excuses to skip mass left and right. I used to be better when I was in college and rebellious! I’m solid and confident in my faith-base, but I feel like I keep trying to shoulder the burden all by myself when I don’t have to. It’s bad when you only turn to God when something bad happens. What about when something good happens? You forget, you know? Reveling in your own good fortune. I don’t really believe in luck and fortune (maybe the Asian in me?). There’s another force there…it doesn’t just happen on it’s own for no reason.
  10. Last up: More reading!! – This goes along with having focus and no schooling anymore: My brain in melting and mushing and I 100% need to focus more on reading and gaining knowledge over mindless Facebook game drivel. My everyday vocabulary and spelling abilities have diminished a good 40% ever since I left school. Those big words I used to use on a day to day basis are long gone from my consciousness. I search for them every so often and can not for the life of me think of them! It’s embarrassing considering what I came from in the past!

Aaaand there you have it folks! A solid and practical list in my book. No “win the lottery” resolutions. haha. I would LOVE that, but I’ve cooled my lottery buying quite a bit and my bank account thanks me. Thank goodness I get paid on Friday, as dismal a paycheck it will be I think. What are you resolving!?!?


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