December 23rd!!! 2 days Until Christmas!

Yaaaaaaaay is what I feel when I see the date, despite the weather, the temperatures and the fact that I have to work today…a Monday…But on the other hand, I’m mostly done with Christmas presents. Just waiting on the last of it to arrive which is supposed to be today. To be honest I’ve sort of forgotten what I’d ordered! I hate buying the bulk of gifts online. I prefer the good old having it in my hand in the store. That way I KNOW I’m going to get it. Speaking of which, I did marathon shopping for the last of the gifts this past Saturday and ventured…dun dun DUN…to the mall. Yes, I said it. We used to go to the mall all the time, but now it’s like a 2x a year gig. And while I did manage to find some fantastic stuff for people I had no idea what to get, I SPENT SO MUCH MONEY. The curse of a mall! All this after I swore that I would be saving money this year. Then to top it all off, I texted my co-workers because they wanted to pool to get something for our bosses and as I suspected no one was getting anything done, so guess who had to go take care of it? I wasn’t about to go out again because I had just spent 3 hours spending money, plus it was to the point where it was a madhouse everywhere (the benefits of getting up early, heh heh). I thought about making my brother do it but the amount they wanted on the gift card was $200!!!! I was like, WHAT??? I just bankrupted myself and now you want me to go dish out $200. I mean, they’re gonna pay me back (I hope), but I know that it’s not going to be all at one, time, you know?! I’ll probably have to chase people down. I HATE that. And they all get paid more than I do. Bleh. It all turned out OK, though, because that night my brother drove me up there and all around to get it. He wanted to show me the area he works at and why he likes it so much up there. Some good bonding time, I think.

Last night I set Gable up for his occasional Dremel session and everything was going OK. He’s gotten to the point where he won’t outright run away when he sees it coming, nor will he run away immediately after it’s over, but he still doesn’t like it. Really I should be doing this like once every 2 weeks but I’m lazy, just like brushing his teeth or cleaning his ears. My brother was there for restraint/emotional support and Gable wasn’t really showing too many signs of discomfort besides the usual pulling feet away from me. So I was surprised to find that I’d gone too far with one of his dew claws. That’s always the risk you run of Dremeling or clipping: getting into the quick and getting bleeding. I should have known that would’ve been the case because compared to the other dew claw it was very short to begin with (he must have broken or chewed on it somehow), but I was half watching TV and his claws alternate light and dark. The light ones are nice because I can see through them, but the dark ones are impossible to see through. It was only a little bit of blood (not spurting, which is why I like the Dremel-grinding as opposed to cuts) so I pulled out the styptic powder (good thing I set everything up this summer in his first aid kit) and voila! He never reacted to it and didn’t seem any worse for the wear afterwards, so I guess it didn’t hurt?? The powder does have benzocaine in it, but still. He enjoyed his usual treats and settled down for a nap. Good progress, but a good wake-up call for me to be more careful…though I had wondered what it would be like if I trimmed too far.

I. Don’t. Want. To. Go. To. Work. Originally I was going to take these two days off when they decided they wanted to work these days, but 1) I wanted to get paid and 2) at least we had time to get all the gifts together. Otherwise I wouldn’t be ready at all! Christmas came way too quickly!

Blaaaaaah. I hope there’s not too much traffic.


One thought on “December 23rd!!! 2 days Until Christmas!

  1. *gasp* not the mall! I went to Tyson’s for the first time in a year just a few days ago and I was reminded why I had stayed away. Doesn’t help that it’s also the holiday rush.


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