WOuld you believe…

…for once our office didn’t close? Normally what they do is call us out and cancel people, but they’re actually calling us in???? It must be because rescheduling is so hard, PLUS we have a temp today… There’s so much snow already, Fairfax county schools are closed, federal government’s closed  and the snow will continue into the afternoon. They’re calling for 5 inches and yeah that’s definitely looking feasible. They were saying that patients have yet to cancel. Maybe the snow’s lighter over in Falls Church? Fed government being closed is actually so that traffic won’t be so bad, but I’m kinda worried. I don’t have much experience driving in snow, personally. I feel better having my Outback, but having the car doesn’t mean I know how to utilize it. 15 miles is gonna take a while. I guess I better get a headstart on the journey then. Bluh.


One thought on “WOuld you believe…

  1. I hear there’s so much snow up there! We’ve just been getting rain down here. It always surprises me how much the weather is different between here and home. Stay safe!


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