Waiting for my car

I am currently sitting in a car dealership waiting for my car to be maintenanced. Who knew that 15,000 miles would be so costly?? I dunno…I’ll see what happens after today and then decide if I want to continue going to the dealer to get my car maintenance. However Knowing that my car is in good working order is a great peace of mind. I was hoping to see a Crosstrek, but listening into some of the phone messages that the salesmen are leaving people has found that there might be a crosstrek shortage. When I drove by on my way home, I used to see so many, but I guess not?? There’s something about new cars that really get me excited! I guess it’s like walking into a new house…blank slate…NEW… I’m kind of jealous that the newer versions have so many newer gizmos, but I decided the other day that I really do love my car. I really really do. It’s the first major thing that I could say with certainty that I own. 100%. It’s got dog spittle on the windows, dog fur, crumbs, candy wrappers, shoe marks…Good stuff, man.

Daggumit all, I have to use the bathroom.

After this, I plan on heading to Wylie Wagg with the boy to meet up with the adoption people. I figure it’d be good to show my face if I am serious about adopting a second hound…especially if the president is usually at these things. Gable was not happy about me leaving with my laptop this morning. It’s Saturday after all and he knows what that usually means. My brother is holding down the fort this weekend.

My job searching plans are on the back burner now with the advent of a second hound. Haha. This adds new meaning to the season of Advent.

Working on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then off from Thursday – Monday!

Man. I thought writing this would take longer…still hasn’t been quite an hour yet.

Oh reminds me: I got a call from Sprint today because my brother ordered a phone from my account last night. It wouldnt’ve been fine except I had no idea what the guy was saying. I hate when you have to play the “what was that?” or “I can’t hear you” game. Why is it that they always have to use people with really strong accents? I don’t mind it, but MAN. Didn’t help that I was wandering around outside and the wind was strong.

Also, I hate when I walk through a dealership and no one wants to ask me anything because they assume I can’t buy anything. The only place that didn’t do that was where I ended up buying my car.


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