So I did it!! I filled out and submitted an application for a second greyhound. People are telling me that I’m making a rash decision, but I don’t make decisions I don’t think through from every angle first. I need to quickly secure an adoption for several reasons:

1. The townhouse is the ideal place for the new guy to start out with

  •  Gable is most comfortable here, and therefore more confident in his domain
  • stairs are more numerous, but shorter in one go
  • hardwood, linoleum, carpet AND tile will expose him to all types of flooring
  • presence of hardwood, linoleum and tile make it easier to clean accidents
  • Steamer is at this house
  • walks will be much easier as people are much more tolerant of dogs with the added bonus of dogs around to experience
  • as a townhouse, it is more like a den and less open-space (Gable is claustrophobic, but afraid of all the space down south)
  • backyard may seem like a disadvantage, but the opposite is true: too open of a yard too quickly might have  detrimental effect and lessen my ability to constrain and control (although my hard-grown grass will suffer even more)
  • Our smells pervade this house
  • Most important for me: because it’s the same address that I adopted Gable with, they won’t have to do a home visit.

2. My mom’s work schedule and mine are opposite of each other, so someone’s home within 4-5 hours of the other. Hers are random and she works nights, but I’m always the same in the middle of the day.

3. I’m still having job security for the moment. My bosses are very lenient.

4. The vet is so close by

5. Ever since hanging with his cousin, Gable has been unusually clingy and morose lately. I think he is totally ready for a companion.

I have an overwhelming feeling that if I don’t do this now, I won’t be able to in the coming future. My application is good, but I’m only concerned that I put down that relocation in the spring time is imminent. My brother and sister think I’m being rash, but I don’t think so. Finances may be strained for a bit (ESPECIALLY the new unexpected cost of 15,000 mile maintenance on my car which ended up being double what I thought it would cost. I was appalled at first, but after thinking about it, it’s about right) but I won’t go into debt or anything like that. Cutting costs will help. Like eventually cutting the cable for one house, buying cheaper heartworm and preventative. I will only need to spend on one bed, one toy, a feeding station and vet bills. We have plenty of treats, they can share the other beds, Gable has lots of toys, I have an extra coat, too many collars and leashes, enough ear cleaner for a year, etc. Food I can’t help because Gable is so darn picky, so I hope and pray the new guy is not food-picky, but we’ll cross that chasm when we get there. So in short the only thing I really am worried about is expense for food and the vet. I will definitely do it right this time and bring him in for a checkup right away. Coats, beds and toys will be spent moneywise, but unnecessary in the beginning. This is all, of course, riding on the fact that we will be selling the townhouse in the beginning of the year and I find some sort of job.

Looks like I’m not taking Christmas Eve off after all. I’ll need the moola.

Did some yardwork this past weekend which meaaaans….that I won’t have to do anything the rest of the year!!!! Whoooo until spring. OH, speaking of which, remember my experiment with the lawn and grass where I planted one side with topsoil and peat moss and the other I just threw on the sod? Now that I took the water source away, the results are clear: topsoil side looks phenomenally better than the just-thrown side. For a while both sides looked great, but the topsoil appears to make a world of difference.

Wow it’s dark, and I need to do laundry!!!!


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