Paranormal Witness

I’ve been watching this show again. And yes, I realize that this is the 3rd update I’ve done today. Today’s episode was about the Sallie House in Kansas. I love to watch this show and I hate it at the exact same time. It’s SO FREAKIN’ CREEPY. It is indeed true that Syfy purposefully makes the re-enactments as creepy as possible, but dude. I was totally creeped out today…more so than other episodes. This one dealt with what was originally thought to be a child spirit and ended up seeming like a woman spirit. Watching several of these now, there seems to be a common progression shared when dealing with child spirits. They usually start out as playful kids, pulling pranks, running up and down stairs, etc. and then they become empowered by compounding negative energies and grow more and more powerful until they are able to physically do harm. In this case, a psychic had come to the home and informed them that it was a child spirit named Sallie and that they need to give her her own space and maybe something to call her own. Before leaving she warned them that because it’s a child, they need to reprimand and give her consequences. The wife became enthralled with having a ghost–a young girl ghost–in the house and gave her all sorts of toys, thinking it was great to have the spirit of this little girl to call their own. The husband, on the other hand, didn’t like that he had a family to protect, but couldn’t because it was an intangible spirit, along with the fact that he didn’t want to seem like the crazy person of the neighborhood. Between the two, disparity begot conflict, a negative emotion, that only became worse over time. Sallie targeted the husband, the major source of negative energy, and according to the episode it didn’t seem like the wife had any sort of negative encounter.

The warning signs to me while watching were the in the beginning when the “child” spirit was able to physically move teddy bears, spin a mobile, pull the plug on a vacuum, turn a picture upside down, etc. Not that I’m an expert by any means, but after watching these shows and coming up with my own conclusions (based on real life and minor book research), it would seem that spirits should only be able to physically move objects when they are powerful enough. If they are truly living in a different plane, then to be able to reach across and access an object in our reality means that the spirit has had some time to gather strength. And even if she is a child spirit, remember that she has been around for who-knows-how-long. It could be hundreds, even thousands of years! Then she got stronger and stronger, writing with a crayon on a piece of paper in response to a question, taking a toy out of a wrapped box while leaving it intact, showing herself to the husband, clawing the husband on his back, throwing a glass lantern across the room at the husband’s mom, killing a rose, attacking him in dreams and leaving physical hand prints and gashes on him. So by the end when things got so bad with the husband’s exponential fear (ghost fodder) and the numerous painful scratches on his body, the wife finally searched frantically for any record of a little girl dying in the house. She found nothing at all, and she came to the conclusion that omg, what the hell was in the house then if it wasn’t a little girl??? In the mean time, her husband was being assaulted by the ghost which at this point was not appearing as a girl, but a full-grown woman. That’s when they left…after the last major attack.

SO. The question here is, was it then a child ghost all along that became so powerful that it grew up? Or was the spirit always and was originally a full-grown demon (demon, spirit, ghost…what’s the difference? They’re just words.) that was powerful enough to use deception to lure the wife in and cause the ever-growing discord between the two (again, negative energy = food)? In my opinion, I think it was the spirit of a little girl…she showed signs of jealousy, she didn’t like men, played child-ish tricks, threw tantrums. While it’s true that she manifested as a woman in the end, I still hold with the fact that while a child spirit, she has had plenty of time over the years to….well…live. Who says a ghost can’t grow up? At the same time, who says that a ghost can’t lie and practice deception?

Even with all the questions here, the basic tenets are still true in my eyes:

  1. Spirits, especially the ill-inclined, definitely gain power from negative energy. That’s why they work so hard to achieve conflict, usually between husband and wife because a couple would stress out about the fact that they’re stressed out about each other. The emotions are stronger the closer you are to another person. Why it was so strong in the beginning may have something to do with the previous inhabitants of the house. The episode never addressed that part. Things always seem to spiral out of control at the end of the episodes because tensions and fear are beyond control at that point and consequently the ghost is ridiculously powerful.
  2. Spirits tend to have beef with adults as opposed to animals or kids.
  3. Men seem to fuel them better than females. I read in an article in Reader’s Digest written by a conman about cons that he preferred to swindle men because men tend to be more emotional than women. When I read that, I disagreed, but after contemplation, I actually agree. In pretty much all the paranormal witnesses, men seem to follow the same progression: disbelief, acknowledgement, exponential fear from helplessness. I guess what emotions men feel, they tend to feel more intensely (any relation to the fact that men tend not to be good at multitasking?).

Ahh, good to get that out of my mind. Why do I watch this show anyways??? :)


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