Human supremacy

Every year we say things like “wow winter is coming earlier every year.” The current year is no exception with cold weather coming relatively early and leaves starting to drop way back in late summer. Similar to recent years spring will be here before we know it and before the calendar says it’s officially “spring.” I contest, however, that it is conceited to say that the seasons are coming early or late because, well, nature does what nature wants and like it or not, we are nature’s creatures. It just so happens that our solar calendar seems to be going more slowly than nature is moving. You already know something is off when you have 365 1/4 days in a year. I mean…really? (I hope I got that right…). Its kind of like picking Fahrenheit over Celsius…212 degrees to boil vs. 100 degrees.

Now I’m not claiming to know much about how and why seasons work here on earth (I seem to have napped through that lesson in school…something about earth’s rotation, etc and I’m too lazy to look it up) but maybe there’s something to the lunar calendar? I guess I should do my homework before making claims like that.

But the point in trying to make is still that for some reason humans hold ourselves above the laws of nature. Maybe the next time you notice that spring arrived early this year, you can comment on how late our calendar is instead.

Brain diarrhea.


2 thoughts on “Human supremacy

  1. Haha. It’s because the earth is tilted! So in the winter, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the sun, so we get less light (and the North Pole gets no light at all). In the summer, the Northern Hemisphere is tipped towards the sun, so we get extra light (and the North Pole is bright all day and night — the sun never sets!). The “first day of spring” and “first day of “fall” are set on the equinoxes — the two days out of the year that both hemispheres receive exactly equal amounts of sun.



    1. Oh cool thanks for setting me straight haha. How come first day of fall and spring always fall on the same dates though? Isn’t it usually April 21 or something?


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