Have I been neglecting my blog? It’s always a good thing in my book when I’m not busy bombarding it with posts because that means that I’m actually out doing something potentially useful. Potentially. That’s the key word. Soooo what have I been up to? Not much a all. HAHA. After a strange workweek Mon-Thursday, I was off Friday until today which is Monday! Contrary to prior plans, I ended up heading down south on Thursday after work as opposed to leaving early Friday morning. Traffic turned out not to be so bad more than likely because it was Thursday and not Friday. I was happy of my decision because my mom who had gone before me shared that Gable had been looking for me all day. Waiting at the doors and windows. Not only that, but the sofa came!!! After unloading and unpacking, we tore into the giant, heavy box and unloaded it piece by piece. We then proceeded to spend the next hour putting it all together and voila!! Sofa!! :) For the price, I was and am highly satisfied. I mean, it’s a click-clack full sized sleeper sofa!! For less than $500!!! It fills in the area much better upstairs and I spent most of Saturday lounging on it. At least it didn’t collapse on me.

You know, having the house down there like that and only going down once a week and holidays makes the place magical; and I have been viewing it like that since I bought it at the end of February. It’s a vacation home, the getaway house, my blank slate playground inside and out! This weekend, however, brought me back down to reality a bit. This whole time, the glamour of it overshadowed the inherent problems: namely the lack of jobs. Moreover a new situation has reared its ugly head. Living in a townhouse complex has made life easier in a sense, especially an established complex. There is so much common area, so much greenery that the HOA takes care of for you. The only thing we really have to maintain is our own front yards and whatever of a backyard that we have. The medians are even HOA maintained. A short walk away in the maze of sidewalks and pathways are doggie stations. You see where I’m getting at now, huh? I had my first negative run-in with a neighbor this past weekend in regards to Gable. I’ve always wondered why I never see anyone walking their dogs, and when I do, they usually quickly high-tail it back home. We take care of our own medians down south, and while I’ve had a few problems of people letting their dogs poop on my lawn and not picking it up, I overall don’t much care. I’ve forgotten how owning a house with land gets people overprotective of what’s theirs. Personally I’ve felt funny about walking Gable and letting him do his business on the medians (NEVER a lawn, only medians and poorly maintained medians at that) because of the ownership we have of them, but where the heck else am I supposed to?

Well we were walking and I was busy enjoying the beautiful crisp morning sunrise when Gable suddenly squats and goes. I was like, CRAP because the guy was busy warming up his car and why the HECK did he suddenly decide to go there anyways? So the guys rushes over and starts complaining about it, not overly viciously, mind you, but definitely upset. I apologize profusely and clean up as much as possible as he goes on and on about how much money he has spent on the lawn to keep it nice (it wasn’t THAT nice…I know because I’ve been battling lawn issues myself), blah blah. I mean, it’s cool. I totally understand and was wholly embarrassed and really, truly didn’t mean for him to do that. But then he goes on to say something (I didn’t really understand all of it) about he’s supposed to be doing that 2 feet from the curb on the street and that started getting me steamed. Finally we leave and I start internalizing everything and it turns over on itself and spend the rest of the day stewing about the whole ordeal. What kind of dog poops on the street??? And DUDE that’s the LAST place I want to see a dog poop. Not to mention dog poo does not kills lawns. In fact it makes it better. What’s more, his house recently had a 6-ft privacy fence made PLUS who warms up their car for 30 minutes every morning??? Because Gable and I walked down the street and back and he STILL hadn’t left yet, only doing so after I let Gable poo a 2nd time on my own median and threw everything in my own trashcan. I suspected that he was spying on us to see if I let Gable poop on anyone else’s lawn so he can do what? Rat me out to the HOA? Ahh suspicious minds. That’s when I suddenly remembered that there are people who really are fiercely and ridiculously protective of their properties. Makes you wonder why he got a privacy fence (the HOA does not like privacy fences and only approves them in special circumstances) and also reminds me of my dad who was extremely similar. Actually, my grandpa is like that too. It bothered me so much I hopped online and searched for dog walking etiquette. The conclusion I came to is that the issue is highly divided which extremists on either spectrum: those who could care less and that dogs do what nature intended vs. dog hater/non-owner/property owners. So the only safe and logical solution would be to allow your dog to go only on your own property…which is difficult 1) townhouse complex means he has no limitations, and 2) dogs don’t like to poop/pee in the same places because it’s a form of communication to them. Gable gets bored when he’s peed on everything…like the tiny townhouse backyard we have. It’s helpful to have dogs on all sides of the fence down there, but still… So I tried to train him to poop in the backyard before allowing him to go on the walk. It worked the first 2 times, but he doesn’t like it. Also, on walkies now he’s only allowed to pee on poles and hydrants (which I’m pretty sure are common property even if they are on private medians) and if he does need to 2nd poo then it has to be on common area medians. Let it be known that I have NEVER not picked up after my dog and it irritates me that others can not understand for other people.

I can’t believe that I allowed that one confrontation spoil my time down there, but it did and I haven’t ever been happier to come back to the townhouse…in fact I think it’s the first time since I bought down south that I couldn’t wait to come back to northern Virginia. People seem to be much more tolerant of dogs up here. It’s like you can have dogs, just don’t let me see or hear them. I moped for much of Saturday by drowning myself in Pokémon Y and cartoons.

On a happier note, my mom and I went to pick up winterizer from Lowe’s (Home Depot sucks!!!) and found $1 clearance plants. Yup. I got a viola, dwarf crape myrtle, and another silver maple for $1 each. Darn you Lowe’s and your clearance plants!!!! I can’t stand it, lol. Blank slate lawns are the best! I hope it’s not too late to plant things…

So much for raking the lawn…I’ve been procrastinating all day. My room is a mess, my bathroom is a mess, everything is a mess and I have not had the gumption to do anything about anything! I pulled out all my old albums yesterday…gosh I love old pictures! It always helps inspire me to take more pictures! I still don’t get why people hate having pictures taken of them. It’s fun to look back and remember. Personally I think those who don’t like their pictures taken have a definitely insecurity about themselves. Why else would you care? I specialize in natural photography: of nature, and non-posed people pictures. I HATE posed people pictures. Some posed are nice for hanging on walls, but seeing someone relaxed and in their natural state make the most beautiful pictures to me. They’re real. Not fake.

Now, how can I convince myself to clean things up around here? The job search is as dismal as ever. The few places I’ve sent my resumes to just plain don’t respond. It’s annoying. Granted I haven’t sat down and phone harassed offices, but maybe it’s an omen that I need to switch jobs. The pay in Fredericksburg is ridiculous. I might as well do something else. Maybe it’s my name? Sounding foreign and all? I’ve found that in the health field, it’s all about connections. It’s as if they post job postings as a guise. Like Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s. There was this one office that wanted a picture of you! I mean, really?? I want to go down and just be settled in one place and be done with it, but I can’t!!!!!! UUUUGH.


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