Yay I’m out of time to write this! So lightning update: brother and mom were down south on Friday for the October birthdays while I was lounging around at work. Drove down in the dark (bad idea), rendezvous, eat dinner, stay up all night playing Pokémon Y, sister comes next day to take mom wedding dress shopping, I play Pokémon most of the day, then switch to Assassin’s Creed Revelations on PC for 3 hours, church when mom and sister get home, Chinese food for dinner, stay up all night looking for ao dai for the wedding online, walk puppy next morning, go outside so that he can romp in his new puffy coat, pack up 3 cars to head back north, rendezvous with grandparents and great aunt at Golden Corral for lunch birthday, stuff self full, go home, play more Pokémon, sister leaves, Pokémon, head downstairs after batteries die, eat leftovers after walkies, sleep early for once!!, wake up, forget to shampoo hair, go to Michaels for albums, end up buying garland for decorating house plus album plus garden flag, go to Lowe’s for heavenly bamboo, end up with 6 grasses plus a small heavenly bamboo plus hosta plus garden soil, go to Giant, eat lunch, watch Border Wars, cut grass, weedwhack grass, hand cut grass, plant heavenly bamboo with digging help from the puppy, plant hosta, spread seed accelerator in backyard, water grass and new plants, complain about what mom is watching on TV, make red velvet cupcakes with butter creme frosting, order phim bo for grandma, make dinner of rib-eye steaks, mashed potatoes, broccoli and linguine fini, karaoke while measuring for ao dai, sleep, wake, give money away to bills, type in WordPress.

Sweet that took 10 minutes exactly. In a nutshell, I had a great weekend of socialization, video games, physical activity, and of course, spending money. I am good to this economy! Should’ve been looking for jobs….


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