I go have a physical done tomorrow. The first in over 8 years, and more than likely the first true physical I’ve ever done. The last one saw my mom present when I was a senior in HS, so I think the doctor didn’t go totally in depth with the hands-on bit. I’d be lying if I said I am totally calm about all this. We like to say at work that healthcare professionals are poor patients because it’s true. Well, I’m feeling like that’s the case for me medically, though I like to think that I’m a darn good patient, being not much afraid of needles, nor x-rays, nor large instruments. However, I am quite afeared of the unknown (as I assume most living things are–I’d like to take a moment here to say that I am typing this thinking in the British accent because I just finished watching Top Gear with my brother) and I do not know what exactly they are going to accomplish tomorrow–if indeed my appointment is tomorrow, which I assume it is. I’d been asking my colleagues at work about what exactly happens in a physical and as it turns out 2 of them hadn’t had one in year either, and the other was concerned that they were going to do the full gyno bit, aaaaaaaaaaaaand of course, I’m not sure if they are or not. They told me to fast for 12 hours which means blood test, I know they will weigh and measure, pee sample. Then…what else…? DUN DUN DUN. I hope they don’t poke and prod too much because I don’t like being naked much, and I am unbelievably ticklish. Though on the bright side, I feel like I’ve lost a bit of weight since the beach. When I look at myself in my giant mirror in the mornings I feel somewhat satisfied with my body’s build these last couple of weeks: not too many flab rolls, decent muscle tone for someone who doesn’t work out, and I can see my collarbone again! The only major problem with myself that I have noticed is my right shoulder. Remember how when I was taking aikido at UMW I injured the joint, and then when it finally healed, it healed too tightly and I didn’t have as much range of motion as my other joint? Well I injured it AGAIN at the beach trying to catch Gable when he got loose so now it hurts a good bit when I extend the range of motion, like when I’m hanging. It has been slowly repairing itself.

In other news I’ve finished the pumpkin for work! I posted the progression reel on RW . Remember I had to collaborate with FDS for this? Well I was feeling OK , because it’s nice to have someone who gets craftily excited as I do about it for once. In the end, from what I gathered from other people, I feel like if it had just been me, it would have turned out better. However, it all turned out alright in the end, because what was supposed to be the overalls for the Minion (a pillowcase) ended up looking more like a cape or a witch’s dress which was fine because I gave it a witch hat anyways. My Angry Bird pumpkin last year was mostly painted on with some add on pieces, but this year’s not only went by faster because I knew what I was doing, but also had a more 3D effect with the amount of props added to it. Lessons learned: heat guns are amazing, hot glue guns are the best, and pumpkins are very hard to wrap ribbon or fabric around to dress it up with. Oh yeah, on the craft-run here, I managed to FINALLY finish the crèche I built last year for Christmas. Notice the little hay bales and painted star. I saved the deer and dove from World Market at last holiday’s clearance rack.


I bought what will become the mask for Project Samus. It’s really quite neat.


I’m getting really excited to move down south! Just gotta find that job…any job!!!


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