RW has been neglected!!! Whooo

Yeaaaah pumpkin again. It actually has turned out well and I’m done with the parts I can actually do at the moment. I’m going to pass it off to FDS tomorrow and then bring it back the next night for varnish and touchup. Must trust co-crafter…must trust co-crafter.

I reallllly like cop shows. I am currently watching Alaska State Troopers. I love Wild Justice, Cops, etc. Siiiigh.

I can not stand how cute Gable is when he sleeps. Why can’t I be as cute when I sleep?

Did you know that kids way back then drank beer? Makes sense because water was just not potable. What else would you drink? Which means that evolution would select for higher alcohol tolerance. However, in the ethnicities known not to tolerate alcohol as well (ie. Asians, Alaskans, native americans, etc) more than likely (I’m not 100% sure) they used to drink teas and such. You might say, well, the British drink large amounts of tea, but think about it: beer is cheap. I don’t know what I’m talking about. Multitasking is not my thing.

Some more brain garbage here: It’s interesting to note that what we as Americans enjoy and what we consider attractive would and was considered uncouth, and low-class in other countries. For instance, tans and tattoos were/are indicators of laborers and thugs. What was considered cheap food in Vietnam, I very much like to eat like chao (congee), canh ca.


Feed me. I had to feed myself yesterday, so I made beef stew (all fresh ingredients!) which was pretty good if I do say so myself. Today I made crostini’s and dark chocolate brownies. My mom has been working in the evenings mostly so I’ve really had to step it up and cook things. I’m complaining, but not at the same time because it’s just the push I need to learn how to cook.

FINALLY made an appt for a checkup. >_<. Stupid VCU hasn’t given me my immunization records.


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