Yup. After swearing up and down last year that I wasn’t doing it again, I got suckered into painting the pumpkin for work. >_< I was still adamant about not doing it this year when we came up with an idea for it and I suddenly was inspired. <sigh> So here I am! Wasting time online as I await the drying of the sealer. I will more than likely be updating this as I continue barreling forward with the project. To be perfectly honest, I’m kind of happy to be flexing my creative muscles again, and yet torn that I could be doing other things with my time. I didn’t go to the other house this weekend mainly because of this pumpkin. Went shopping yesterday for the materials to do it and then was inspired to change the original design to make it more to the spirit of Halloween. The difference this year is that I’m not doing 100% of the work. Front desk wanted to help me. I’m grateful and not-grateful at the exact same time. I’m glad that the whole thing wasn’t foisted on me alone, but when I do things like this it’s either my way or the highway. I’m always hesitant to have others help because then I can’t be sure that the project will turn out 100% to my perfectionist specifications. Yes, that would mean that I absolutely more than hated group projects in school. I’d prefer to do all things myself.

Not dry all the way yet. I guess I’ll give it 10 more minutes…OH! I just remembered that I have a heat gun this year! Wait. Aren’t those for stripping paint? I wonder if at low doses it will help dry paint…

…As it turns out, you apparently can, so I just did. Just a couple more minutes for total drying. If you try to paint on wet sealer, it doesn’t work that well. One thing you learn quickly about crafts is that you can not rush, because if you do, then things come out looking less than satisfactory. So on to some online gaming…

What an idiot I am. I was going to draw the place for the eyes after I sealed so that I can paint around it, so what do I do instead?? I paint right away. Oh, I guess I should divulge what the pumpkin is supposed to be: it’s going to be a Minion from Despicable Me. I bought mason jar canning lids for the goggles, and I’m going to dress it up in a witch hat, broomstick and a couple spiders. FDS is supposed to be doing the overalls, so I dunno what I’m gonna do about that part. It’s weird not being in control of the whole project. I wonder if she prolly wouldn’t mind not doing anything at all for it, but I feel bad saying, I got this, especially after all the moaning and groaning I did. Not to mention I’m not sure how I’d go about doing the overalls anyways. Originally I was just going to paint it all on there, but I think it’d be lacking if the hat is real, the goggles are real and the broom is real. I mean, I guess I could anyways…The whole heat gun thing is actually pretty useful! Pumpkins are naturally cool and now that it’s cool in the house too, paint take forever to dry. I had this exact problem last year and had neither a hair dryer nor a heat gun to nor a heat lamp to help me out. Sooo glad I bought one! Even if it’s actually supposed to be for Project Samus.

Speaking of which, I got the gym foam, the arm canon foam, heat gun, and cardboard tube. I just ordered a mask yesterday. It’s coming together! Technically I could get going with the canon right now, but I’ve been lazy. Maybe this pumpkin thing is what will kickstart everything! I kind of have a feeling that I’m going to be disappointed/put off by the complexity of the project. I’d also like a dressform before I start going. They are $100 online! Dude! It certainly has it’s uses otherwise (for my mom), but $100 is more than I have to spare right now…especially since I just spent a buttload of money selling my soul to a Windows phone upgrade. Ugh. Did NOT mean to spend that much money on it. You get caught up in the moment, you know?

ON TO THE EYES!! Just texted FDS and updating her on the status. Group stuff means communication!!! Blargh. Still, it’s kind of fun.

The worst part about not going south in the weekend is that I’m at home and constantly searching for things to stuff in my mouth. I don’t know why but I get very complacent here! I wonder if it’s a comfort? Also, it means I want to spend money. The internet is a terrible place. For credit cards.


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