WHOOOO. Beach this Saturday! I’ve been waiting to go since 2 years ago when we came back from the beach. For a family that is used to going to the beach once a year, missing a year is torture! Going to EAT THIS UP. I’m quite excited, though probably not nearly as excited as my grandparents. To give you an idea of my excitement, I have already mostly packed up my clothes. Mostly I’m doing it so that Friday won’t be so hectic, but it might be more that I’m just too ecstatic. This week at work is just gonna suck, I think, mostly because the office is closed next week and whenever that happens it’s just chaotic. Not only that, but I’m heading in for extra hours this coming Friday to help my co-worker out. Bleh. I hate coming in early…thankfully they allowed me to come in at 8:30 instead of 7. Gable has his own bag, and I already packed up his medical bag earlier. :) He gets very nervous when I start packing bags and zipping and unzipping things. What a goober.

One of the worst/best things about going on vacation is that I like to clean everything up before we leave. Coming back to a messy house or living space is one of the worst feelings. Not only that, but when you’re about to leave the domicile for a week, it’s nice to be able to look around and quickly see if you’ve forgotten anything instead of looking around and getting lost in the mess. Consequently, all the mess that has been lying around the house (like empty boxes, random trash, recyclables, clutter, etc.) is getting moved around and cleaned up.  I mean, I actually did my laundry, folded them, and neatly tucked them away without so much as a groan! My bed is made, the ground is visible, dresser cleared off. DUDE. There are 3 ways to motivate cleaning of a living space: 1) expecting company, 2) vacation, and 3) studying for an all-important exam.

Rolling with all of this productivity, I spent the majority of yesterday (after about 2 hours of moping around and complaining about how bored I was. Mostly I was cranky from taking a 2 hour nap) sketching. Yes, sketching. Inking. RW-ing. I even took the time to plan out my arm canon for Project Samus. Since I have the 4″ tube already, I decided that probably using lightweight foam from the craft store will give me not only the look and depth, but help keep the canon under 20lbs. lol. Only problem I think I’ll have is painting it to make it look good and not like a piece of foam. I thought about using craft foam, but that would be a LOT of craft foam for the thickness I’m going for here. The density of the big foam will allow carving and shaping the mouth of the canon. Still haven’t decided if I just want a padded hand-hold inside the tube, or if I’m going to go for a flashlight. I think the scale of the gun I’m making will be a little less accurate than the graphical version.

scan0001 (3)

Sleeeeepy. Gotta pay bills tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “NIGHT POST

  1. Craft foam can be a pain to work with. My Saber armor pretty much didn’t hold up very well so I have to remake it. I found a pretty nice technique in which you cover it with vinyl and heat mold it or cover it with glue/mod podge to hold its shape. I might try the former because it looks pretty good after spray painting.


      1. The fabric. You bind it to the foam with wallpaper adhesive and it gives a nice finish to the foam and you can paint on it without destroying it.


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