Exhausted, achey and happy

You know, there are some people made for indoors and others made for outdoors. I am definitely the latter. As much as my joints and ankles and love for video games beg to differ, my mind and soul belong outside with nature. I spent pretty much the entirety of the day at my house, outside doing lawn stuff. Hauled several bags of organic lawn food (was $24 and now $3.25!) from Lowe’s home, plus 2 bags of mulch, a clearance plant, and garden soil (I learned today that the Sta-Green brand is actually a better choice than the Miracle-Gro because it feeds for 6 months rather than 3 months and is usually cheaper). The clearance plant I’ve had my eye on since I bought the smaller versions of it on clearance a couple weeks ago and subsequently died. Too bad they didn’t have a second one! The two I’d previously bought pretty much shriveled up in a week. Today, I replaced one because it was beyond reviving, and re-dug the hole for the other one that is hanging on to dear life. I think I rushed and was lazy the first time around. Pretty much the moment I arrived I never stopped working. Hand-picked weeds throughout the lawn and then proceeded to weedwhack before filling up the old drop spreader my mom bought from the thrift store to slowly and tediously fertilize my entire lawn. I don’t even know if the spreader was putting down the recommended amount. I estimated my lawn to be about 16,000 sq ft, and according to the bags and the spreader I put down about 15,000. No idea. However, I do know that I spent a good 4 hours pushing that darn spreader around, which, inevitably, got my mind wandering which it does well because that’s what it does constantly while I perform my job at work. I pushed the spreader and took in the air, the sky, the smells, the feel of the grass, the birds, the bugs…the dirt. I could actually picture myself working the fields on a farm and enjoying it. I think I’d hate farming for a living, but the idea of working the land by my own hand is just magical. Heck, I’m doing it. For 2 houses right now.

In retrospect, I’ve loved the land since my childhood home. My role has evolved from playing on it to cultivating it, to establishing it to maintaining it over the years, but it still stands that it’s an integral part of me. I think the worst thing you could ever do to me is lock me up inside somewhere with no view outside and no access. At UMW I would escape to the outside grasses and wooded areas when people were driving me nuts and I wanted no human contact. During summer vacation, I would occupy myself whenever possible with self-initiated “outdoor projects” which all ended up making the property much nicer looking. When living with my uncle and then my grandparents I did the same thing: especially at my grandparent’s house. My English ivy vendetta benefitted 2 properties well and allowed me very satisfying venting sessions. Then at the townhouse: to be honest I felt/feel very oppressed there and couldn’t put my finger on it until I realized that it was the very limited green playground. Still, I managed to keep myself occupied beautifying the flower beds out front, creating a plant zone in the back, and digging up and re-planting the front and back lawns by hand (sadly it has been ravaged by disease and weeds, but that’s more for me to do….right?). And now!!!! I admit that one of the biggest selling factors of this house was the immensity and blankness of the lawn. “Its for Gable,” I told people, but in part it was for me. A blank slate. Anything I want. Front and back.

MY feet hurt so much right now, and I know that I will feel the muscle aches tomorrow, but I am so happy, so satisfied right now. I think I will sleep well tonight…or at least I hope I will because I haven’t been able to sleep the whole night through as usual. Maybe my soul is already at this house. I know that now that it’s kind of like a getaway place, and maybe when I actually move here and go to work from here it might be different, but as of right now I feel tied to this piece of property. I sleep in body in nova, but my mind is wandering here at night? I never dream of it, though I rarely dream of actual houses unless it’s of the past.

Gable was such a cutie patootie today. He’s been itching to be down here to run around for a while. My mom and I went down last week but left in the middle of the day Saturday which was not enough for him. I allowed him out with me much of the day if he wanted. Towards the end when I was re-digging the 2nd hole, he wandered over and helped me dig some before sitting half in and out of the hole right in front of me (forelegs in the hole and butt level with the rest of the ground). Just sat there and looked me. It was so cute I cracked up. He was trying to tell me that I need to stop digging and go inside now…gosh I wish I had a camera then…speaking of which I can not find my camera anywhere which is why I haven’t taken any pictures!!!! Then later after dinner I was chilling in front of the TV and he wanted to go out for the after-dinner run. I let him out and got ready to sit on the chair when he started barking in my face. Gable doesn’t usually bark at me and I don’t condone it, but he was barking at me outside. He wanted me to play with him. My feet hurt so badly, but I sort of ran around with him a bit and got scratched up. This is why I wanted a 2nd hound: he wants to play with another doggie. Being no dog, I decided to grab one of his toys and that did the trick. Squeaked his bunny and threw it: Gable took off and raced hard around the yard as fast as he could go. You can’t watch that kind of pure joy standing up. He loves running that much, and you know what? I absolutely love watching him. OH yeah, earlier in the day I tried to use him to help a guy get his loose dog back, but Gable has no idea how to greet dogs properly (and I have no idea how to encourage it) so it just incensed the dog some more instead. So much for being useful. At least I got to meet one of my neighbors…I tells ya, Gable is one of the best ice breakers ever.

He is currently roaching.

This is the last weekend before the beach next weekend, so I’m here to make sure everything is left in proper order, to get things we need to take with us, and to prepare it so that when the grandparent’s come to finally see it, it won’t be like a pigsty (like my brother’s room. I don’t understand how hard it is to make your bed once a week).

Maybe I should work for Lowe’s. I wonder what kind of discount they give. Our next big project is a storage shed. Initially I was very reluctant to get one, but now I think it’s a good idea. We have lots of crap. Peering at the one from Lowe’s and from my research online the price is in the $2-$3k range. Bleh. Stupid HOA does not allow the cheap resin ones. That would be SO MUCH EASIER. Of course. I guess it’ll have to take a back burner because I HAVE to get 2 houses’ lawns down pat before winter sets in. They say it’s gonna be a tough winter this year, and lo and behold I witnessed a large flock of geese flying south. Already. Just in my backyard 2 hours ago.

Here’s to a good night’s sleep!



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