Let’s trust again!

…like we did last summer!

OK. So. It’s really dark this morning. I didn’t head down south this past weekend so now my back is acting up again, but I was able to get a few chores done here…only forgetting my laundry. You always know when you’re past the laundry due date when you’re down to those undies that you swear you hate. Or at least me. They’re my backup ones. bleh. We’re beginning to get things ready to get back on the market, so there’s much to do, and much money involved. Serious is after the vacation trip. The best part about this past weekend was being able to get my hands in the dirt and expend some energy!! Only to gain it plus more back by having the Big Mac combo at McDonalds. Sigh. Animal Crossing: New Leaf!!! LOVE that game!!! I absolutely adore games that have so many things to unlock and collect. *sigh in happiness* Sleeping has been a chore lately because it hasn’t been particularly restful. This is part of the reason I enjoy heading south so much…I’ve mentioned in the past that I believe myself to be attuned to the 6th sense, and therefore attractive to those that reside in that realm…or something. With cursing-dad at hand, it is no surprise to me that something not-so-nice, some sort of aura, surrounds our house at least 2x a month, for obvious reasons. This is one of those times. My mom mentioned that on Friday night, she was getting ready to turn off her light to sleep (I sleep before everyone in this house, even the dog) when she heard me cry out. Gable thumped, moving around in his room, but it was a yell. I woke up 2x that night and each time my blankets were twisted into a knot. This morning, today, is that first night I’ve woken up from feeling mostly rested and normal.

AAAaaaaand the topic at hand here is: trust.

I was thinking, the other day as I was walking gable on the gravel next to the road with cars whizzing by, how much trust is involved in living day to day life. For a person who is paranoid and cannot bring themselves to trust anything, life would not be easy. Driving, in particular, is 90% trust that the other person is paying attention to the road, will look before passing, is not drunk, will stop and obey traffic laws, will forgive you for mistakes, and is all in all not insane. I mean, if you think about laws in general, they’re not tangible. Sure the justice system helps enforce them, but a red light Is just that: a red light, and in some parts of the world actually means: go. You don’t really have to do anything you don’t want to, but society does because as a whole it is understood and agreed that laws make life run more smoothly. And we trust that the people around us believe that too.

Now look at my job: what other animal, besides humans, and even other cultures not used to dentistry, would open their mouth and allow me to inflict pain and discomfort and cause bleeding for 45 minutes to an hour? It goes against common sense! Some kids have got it right: bite down on those gloved phalanges and get the heck outta there. So why do we do it? Because we trust that what I’m accomplishing in there will cumulate into a better end. You’re trusting that I know what I’m doing, that the pain is necessary, and that I care enough not to be too too rough on you. Furthermore, you’re trusting that the dentist won’t take advantage of you and recommend unnecessary treatment. In fact, you’re trusting that all your healthcare providers or other service providers are competent and not out to swindle you. WHY? Because you don’t know, so you have to trust these so-called professionals. Or not, and just take matters into your own hands. Again with laws because there are supposed to be laws to protect you from this sort of thing, right? Having gone through a dental school during hygiene school, it made me realize that you, as a layperson, would never know if your dentist or your physician was the worst student in your class. You wouldn’t know that the hygienist or nurse barely eeked it out of school just because they didn’t want to fail someone. There are so many factors.

Relationships. I don’t even have to go into this one. Everyone knows how much trust is involved and is necessary in any sort of relationship, whether it be romantic, friendship, family, or even business. You trust the other party, they trust you. Hopefully they’re not lying to you about who they are and what they’re doing, and hopefully they care more about you than themselves. My dog puts his entire trust in me for his everyday happenings. He trusts that I’ll walk him, feed him, water him, love him, won’t abuse him, and that I’ll always come home. I can’t betray that sort of dependency? Although I guess I could. Who says I have to do any of that?

Can you imagine being paranoid? Of everything and everyone? *coughmydad* Life would be an extensive exercise in stress, and we know how human bodies deal with long-term stress. Not so well. That’s what causes (at least in my dad) road rage, lack of any regular health exams, refusal to go for car checkups, refusal to call service providers for the home, all the weirdo diy stuff, calling police whenever ANY car parks on the street in front of our house, general unfriendliness. I’d like to say that I, myself, trust people wholeheartedly, but I can’t. My mind is suspicious, but I’d like to think more lazy than just not trusting people. While I think that it’s important to trust people, I also believe that it’s important to take it all with a grain of salt. Unfortunately there are people who are out to get you…though it’s only a select few in the crowd of those who truly want to help. Oh, those bad apples…

Aaaaand that’s that!!! Look, I actually wrote something blog-ish! Yay!


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