Le Sigh

I just took a peek at my bank account and I am feeling depressed like the sky. Thankfully I get paid today because we were off last Friday and my office doesn’t do direct deposit (>_<), but it’s going to be less than I want and I’m going to spend it all on bills anyways. What a sad state of affairs for me! Don’t buy a house, people, unless you have someone to help you out and you actually work 40 hours a week! My friend told me that I need to go find a millionaire to marry, haha. It certainly sounds appealing. What I really would like is to win the lottery. All I need is $250,000 and then most of my immediate problems will be over and I’ll have enough left to save in the bank and go back to the way it used to be before buying a house. The sad part about this is that the money needed to pay for the 2nd half of the beach house is about as much as my mortgage payment a month…and it’s due soon.

The Gospel at church this past weekend saw Jesus send 72 disciples in pairs to different towns, advising them not to bring money or anything extra with them, lodging with charitable people and eating what is put in front of them. It’s like he told his apostles: leave your families, jobs, and life as you know it  and come with me. It got me thinking and wondering: in this day and age, how many ministers, preachers, priests, evangelists,  etc would/could drop everything and follow him? That would mean no iPhones, no TV, no video games, no money, no nice cars, no bling, no gold-gilded bibles, nothing that you materially own. You basically would have to live like monks in a monastery. Who could actually do that? Not very many I’d imagine.

I swear that I will stop spending money willy nilly but whenever I come to Lowe’s for something small I end up raiding the clearance plant section and there’s always something good!!! Ugh. I came in for a 3 pronged crook with a $20 gift card, and ended up ditching the crook for 4 clearance plants, a bag of garden soil and a bag of potting soil. Paid $15 out of pocket instead of the intended $4. The yard at my house is slowly filling up with plants! Which is awesome for me because I can’t wait to see them get big! So many plans otherwise! One of these days I’m going to make a map of MSRP plants vs. actual paid for plants. Calculate the savings, baby!

With the extra day, I had intended to draw or start messing with Project Samus, but did neither. What I ended up doing instead was play MH3U (surprise.), Candy Crush and Pet Rescue Saga on my phone, watch TV, at watermelon, unearthed some ants in the gravel in the backyard, took a nap I didn’t plan on taking, and washing and folding 3 loads of laundry. I hate taking naps. I didn’t even intend on going to sleep because I think I waste a day doing it, but in retrospect I think it was that crazy downpour that made me go to sleep. Random weather…ugh.

CLeaned out the refrigerator!! Now there’s nothing to eat. And Gable is roachie-dog. Silly face.

The people are coming next week to do the service on my house. I hate coming home on Mondays, but I will have to come back in the middle of the day Monday since they’ll be coming from 8-12. Maybe I won’t head down until Sunday next week.


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