Turns out the original reason I wanted to post earlier was to post this pic, but I didn’t:

Courtney Do BWs 12-12-12

…why is it so small?

Anyhoos it’s my teeth! How cool is that?

Also, as a side note, I swear when I walked Gable earlier that I saw on the ground what appeared to be strange object on the ground, but when I came back later it was gone. It was in front of the houses being built on my street maybe 6 feet from the dumpster. It was about 6-8 inches long with a reddish tip and my first and lasting impression of it was it looked like a cut-off human penis that had been ravaged by wild animals. I wanted to take a closer look and maybe a picture of it on the way back, but it was mysteriously gone. Not a trace of it remained. I AM SEEING THINGS.


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