bblogblogblogblogblogblog. It sounds like I’m drinking something or slogging through some mud.

I am AT MY HOUSE only to find yet another issue: a cap to something on top of the house fell off. A neighbor neatly placed it near my garage so that I wouldn’t crush it with my great big car the way I crush garage walls. Why is everything happening to my house? Actually it seems like all the bad things are piling one on top of each other. Financially my mom and I are getting into dire straits here, and my house has suddenly run into a slew of problems. I’m so glad for warranties! I wonder if I have to register anything because I haven’t? The sump pump, my toilet making a whining noise when filling up, the roof vent cap thing, Japanese beetle barrage on my roses and apple trees, apple-cedar rust, clearance dwarf alberta spruces turning brown, bug home invasion, HVAC filter money wasting, yellow grass. Why does everything cost money??? I’m seriously thinking of taking the termination fee from Cox to get rid of some of the service here at my house. It would save me money per month! But I kind of don’t want to get rid of TV because sometimes you just want to watch something.

I don’t understand how people can stand long fingernails. They’re obnoxious and they get in the way and I can’t push the keys on my phone or laptop easily and you can’t make a fist and they gather all sort of crap underneath them and contrary to logic it is not easy to grip something with long fingernails. In my opinion long nails are not pretty.

So I finally opened up one of the anti-fatigue mats. I get so excited thinking about what I can do with them, but then I quickly get over it when I realize that I don’t really have a set idea of how to go about making large pieces of interlocking foam into a wearable costume. Should the seams be on the side or the middle? I know that trial and error is a good way to go, but they’re so big I don’t really want to just start cutting. They’re 2’x2′ which I found to be insufficient for my monster thighs. A few modifications to the original design are in order, methinks. In terms of shaping, they seem to be very pliant even without the heat. I think what I’m going to end up doing is some more small-scale tinkering…with equal-sized squares this time around. Carving into the foam with a dremel should be fun. :)

HUngrryyyyyy. I will post something more bloggish at some point I swear.


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