Tuesday update

Here I am to update and I have nothing to say! But I’m sure I can think of something…hahhaha

Only working 2 days this week. I felt bad not working yesterday but after yesterday I’m glad I didn’t. I ran some errands, and spent some cash (>_<), played monster Hunter, watched Futurama and Cops, took a nap and had a crrrrrazy dream (hence the reason I don’t take naps), and was generally tired all day. Waking up was unbelievably hard yesterday it was terrible.

I went to Michael’s to get a new movement for the clock I bought at that store in Central Park my sister is crazy about that went bust. It’s attractive to look at the movement was such that the second hand would just get stuck and couldn’t move. I’m hoping the new movement will solve the problem. While there I went to look at U.S garden flags for my house and wow the one they had was $12.99. Being the only one, I decided to buy it anyways and used a mobile coupon. When I got home I realized the townhouse doesn’t have one at all! So I open it up to put out and MAN it is such good quality! It’s sewn together and not just embroidered on with this nice thick fabric, and a nice bonus is it’s made in the USA. Totally worth it. I would love the same one for my house.

Walked Gable this morning and in 10 minutes got 3 mosquito bites. Buh.

I swear I have diabetes or something, but I still have put off going to the doctor. I was supposed to have gone last month when I took that week off. So much for that. Not to mention my eyes need a checkup. Our insurance is over after July and then I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

My mom is SO over working at Target, but we’re all kind of stuck because if she starts looking for a job down there then she’ll move down first and my brother and I will be left to fend for ourselves which means, me looking out for him. Geez. I’d love to move down too, but I kind of don’t want to abandon my workplace just yet. I know. Far cry from all my threats in the past, eh?

This house makes me really tired for some reason. Maybe because it’s so dark inside. The weather doesn’t help either being stupid and rainy/cloudy/2-minutes sunny/cloudy/rainy. I swear everything’s going to mold outside.



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