My muscles are SORE!!! Butt, triceps, back, shoulders…I love it! <3

I think I will be very sad when there’s nothing else to plant, cut or dig up. That might have been part of the reason I feel trapped at the townhouse. There’s nothing to do!!! Granted I got to dig up the entire front and back yards to help the grass grow (which reminds me that weeds are invading), but it’s small and shady. Ironically many people would love to have a low maintenance yard like that, but for me it’s miserable. I need to know that there’s a great outdoors for me to mess around in and rid myself of daily stressed. Pound something, rip something out of the ground. It’s only more recently that I’ve enjoyed putting things back and making them grow, and maaan I’m loving it!

I swore not to spend money, but I couldn’t resist all the clearance plants! I placed river pebbles all around the area the sump pump empties to so that no more debris would get down in there hopefully, but I had to fix it because the water was pooling (it’s amazing how many rocks you need to fill in an area…) so let Gable run around while I was making mid fly everywhere. He was literally racing around the yard when I had a hunch to go look for him and to my horror the side gate was open!!! IDIOT I LEFT IT OPEN!!! He was out near the mailbox looking down the road when I started calling for him trying hard not to be mad or anxious and to my relief he came racing back to me. OMG. I am SO GLAD my guardian angel/6th sense mechanism is extremely useful. I trust that thing more than anyone else. I like to think that it’s my guardian angel.

Speaking of angels,  you know how they always portray angels are boys or men or women? I am going to argue that angels, needing no differentiation in gender, take on the likeness of both. Best of both worlds, you know what I mean? You know how in studies people choose the androgynized face (a mix of a man and a woman’s faces) as the most beautiful face? Angels most likely are that: stunningly beautiful because their features are chiseled like a man but soft as a woman. The blend of man and woman mentalities and thought processes make the perfect form. Furthermore they probably have no need for genitalia so clothes are optional. :D Dude. That’s how a superhuman should be: perfect blend of both sexes. If I were to create a being from scratch, I might try that.

You know, I was going to leave later on today, but I kind of have a feeling like I should leave sooner. Maybe I’ll start to jet around 2.


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