So when my mom and I went to BJ’s the other day to pick up some bread, I noticed that they had some foam gym mats for sale. I went over to look as this is what I need to go forward with the Samus Project and lo and behold the price!!! I’ve been looking online but they’re all so expensive! Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was 8-pack for $17.99. They usually run $30-50 online! I should’ve gotten them then but we needed to jet and go, plus I wanted to make sure that it was truly a good price. Not only that, but it’s the thinner kind which I think would be much more bearable for the wearer…not to mention lighter and easier to work with. I gotta get back there and grab 2 packs (is that enough?) but I don’t have any time to!!!! What if they run out???

I came across a site kind of like zazzle and customink: which has a lot of weird, interesting things on it and allows sellers to sell. If I had more time I think I’d browse more.

Gable, the abruptly sudden eating machine, gets to add another food to the do-not-feed list: watermelon. He used to hate watermelon but all of the sudden he likes it. Actually all of the sudden he likes everything. It’s amazing to think that I spent the majority of a year trying to get him to eat only to have him eat too fast now.

This week is seriously dragging by, but on the bright side, I could sleep last night. I have such problems with being unable to sleep at night and it affects my performance during the day. Cleaned my mom’s teeth yesterday. You know, once you know something, no one else can do better for your mom. Geez.


2 thoughts on “OooOOoooOOoOOo

  1. I’m not quite sure how much armor you can actually build with one pack of foam but from one video tutorial I saw, it seems like you can build a decent portion of your costume. Just to put things in prospective, I used about 12 sheets of 30 x 45 cm craft foam to make my chest plate and gauntlets.


    1. Yeah I have a feeling it will be quite a few esp if I were to build in messups!

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