OMG I HAVE NO MORE MONEY. I thought that after this round of bills that I would have something left over to put into savings. My plan to spend less is already in effect, but the results won’t be known until next month which is ridiculous because I still have to come up with the money to pay for the beach. So make that 2 months. Where did the plans go wrong? It went wrong because I FORGOT that auto insurance happens 2x a year. I try to pay in full because they charge a $5 fee for monthly installments and one time I forgot to pay because I hadn’t signed up for reminders or something. Not to mention I think that personal property tax is going to be soon in August. It’s ALWAYS SOMETHING. Tack onto everything that I have the patio to start paying for. Whee.

I think if the Samus thing is ever going to happen, I will be buying things on amazon with my credit card points. Make it all free. But how will that work out with me spending less? Bah.


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