Look I finally updated RW!!!


I am SO PROUD OF MYSELF. For a week until I will procrastinate again. It never ends. Haha. Man being a comic book writer, mangaka, even a book author is just like that: it never ends!!! You’re expected to be awesome forever every day. :) I love reading the Far Side books and the Foxtrot books where the author divulges information behind the scenes of things.

I was telling my sister that I would love to work from home, but the rate at which gas escapes Gable is just enough to make me pass out. And the worst part is that he insists on following me all over the house even if it’s just to the next room. X_X

My financial life has suddenly taken a turn for the better as I ended up getting paid for taking that week off. Woooo. Yay for life’s little surprises. In cheapo news, I have been (for the most part…) successful in reverting back into a cheapo.  I hope it stays that way and I can continue to save money.

Saturday was particularly interesting. I decided to stay up here this weekend and my brother went down to the house instead. Saturday just happened to be when the adoption group I got Gable from was holding a meet and greet close to my house. I’d been planning on bringing him but it always fell on days I went down to my house. Being a lazy bum, I almost didn’t go, but at the very last moment I decided to go for it and I’m glad I did. They were happy to see me and it was so wonderful for him to be able to be around other dogs. I’d never been able to socialize and give him training around other dogs and smaller dogs, so this was a good opportunity since so many different dogs kept coming into the pet store. It helped because the other greyhounds who were pros at that sort of thing were there to help him learn the correct way to greet other dogs. Gable was over enthusiastic but got the hang of it after a while. It was a proud moment for me. We had an interested party! I had only planned to be there like 30 minutes, but I ended up staying almost 2 hours. WOW. What a good experience for the interested person, meeting up with original adopter-helper-people, meeting a newer adopter and seeing other hounds. Turns out Gable is too skinny and also turns out that all the stuff I went through with him isn’t normally what people have to go through. Nice to know that the next hound might not be so…involved. I expressed my interest in a second hound and the lady was so happy for it especially considering what I went through with Gable. People have returned greyhounds for much much less.

I hope in the future that I will be able to stay on the ball with RW as having something regular like that helps me stay focused a little. The ideas are there! Just getting down to doing it and putting it on paper. The heat gun I ordered from Amazon for shaping foam is really quite neat! I tried out the shaping on the craft foam  and yes, it does a neat job! If only I had the time and extra cash to start the  Samus project. Whenever I get around to it I feel like it will become just like project aowam…a very long-term one. Or I could surprise myself. But wow the scope of everything! I had these great ideas for it too, but the products that I will need for it cost more moooooooooooooola!! Yay money makes the world go round! I’ll have to accrue materials for a while. Dremel, face mask, headset with microphone, round speakers, touch lights, gym foam. ooooo it’s going to be interesting!! And a large round tube.


4 thoughts on “Look I finally updated RW!!!

  1. I’ll probably have to borrow that heat gun from you sometime. Blow dryers just don’t cut it haha. I tried drawing my own manga once. It’s a lot of work! I have a new-found appreciation for mangaka now.


    1. Do you mind yaoi? I don’t know how I started watching it but Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi is about the whole process (at least the main story is) and its pretty funny to watch how they make fun of their own jobs. If you don’t like yaoi then don’t mind me.


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