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Becauuuse…..(cue drumroll)


It’s DONE! Finally. It took my pestering the company twice today to get some sort of progress. I hate being annoying like that, but I heard it was going to rain tonight and definitely didn’t want another week’s worth of delays. AND I’m paying top dollar for this. The crew really did do a wonderful job and I wanted to make sure to let them know. It’s hard when the company workers have to travel I-95. Traffic sucks. Overall the craftsmanship truly is good (for now), but the process was a little iffy if you ask me. There were a lot of snafus and pestering on my part.

Suffered a minor bout of heat exhaustion today because I decided to plant the plants up front and then when I ran out of soil because the ground in the “flower beds” the contractor laid out I had to go to Lowe’s to pick up some more. While there I decided to pick up the paint and a billion bags of cypress mulch (figures I like the expensive one) to redo the mulch up front. This was all done right after Gable’s walk so I hadn’t showered or brushed my teeth and wearing my nasty clothes, so I felt gross but hey. MY GOSH. The sun REALLY beats the front of the house in the mornings! Then the humidity!!! Unbelievable! It wasn’t even all that hot out…just the oppression!! I was long done after the flowers were in, but I had to do the mulch which in retrospect was most likely the tipping point. It sure got the job done all in one so I wouldn’t have to go back out again, but I had a dull ache going on the rest of the day, my normally pounding heartbeat was (and still is to an extent) barely detectable, and I just felt hot overall. Self-diagnosing myself on google, I concluded it was heat exhaustion which apparently can quickly become heat stroke.


^After the mulch and everything was in! My apple trees in the back all have these weird brown rust spots all on their leaves, so I spent last night looking it up and they have a fungal disease called cedar-apple rust which can be devastating to them. The weird thing about the fungus’ life cycle is that it must spend the first part of its life on cedar or juniper before spreading onto apple plants. Therefore prevention is key and eliminating anything from the juniper family (which includes cedar) nearby is important. Well. The contractors gave me tons of juniper plants. I am now on a mission to rip them all out. In the picture above, I ripped out 2 on either end of the beds which leaves 2 in the middle. They will both be replaced in the future with a camelia/gardenia and a dwarf alberta spruce. There’s another one on the other side of the garage which will be another dwarf spruce (they grow similarly to arbor vitae about 4′ wide and 7′ tall). The “upgraded landscape package” the lady who built the house paid for is just crap. It’s all terrible clay and as seen below, gravel.


^About 2 inches of clay and then 5inches of gravel before hitting clay again. Hence all the money spent on good soil.

Spent most of the rest of the day fuming about the patio and nursing a headache while playing Borderlands 2 which I got free with the computer building. I am SO BAD at FPS games. Still fun though.

YAY PATIO. And to celebrate here’s a cool picture of ghastly Gable! He was moving so quickly the camera couldn’t catch him. He will be so sad when I replace all the floor with laminate one of these days. :( He loves tearing around on the carpet so much.


My mom arrives tomorrow and I will be painting the garage while she dogsits for me!! Funstuff.


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