Pain is the name of the game

It seems not a week goes by that I don’t injure myself some way or another. I seem to have some sort of vendetta against my feet too. I was hanging up some pictures and decided to stand on a sort of end table/bathroom stool thing, grossly underestimating my weight and bulk while simultaneously overestimating the stool. Lost balance and fell off the thing 3 times smashing the side of my foot. It now throbs and has a nasty inflamed bruise on the right foot too. Figures.

Photos for your enjoyment.


^Right off the bat. Walked around as if my ankle was rolled again.


^ 1-2 throbby minutes later and boom the swelling.

I think maybe there’s a message here in all of this: slooow down. Slow WAY down. Stop trying to move so fast. Stop and enjoy life befor eit gets away from you. That’s all I can think of at least. Well I did a good job of that today because I accomplished NOTHING besides a long walk for Gable. I’ve been trying very hard to take care of these ankles and am doing a good job besides the bruising setback. In retrospect I prob should’ve gotten some ice for it, but the kitchen is so far off and it is quite painful.


At least the burnt stew tasted better today.


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