PatiooooO!!!!!! It looks fantastic! The workers did a wonderful job. They came the moment rain stopped and worked nonstop all yesterday. Still not done, however, so they will be back tomorrow to finish the stairs. It looks really small, but considering it took them all day….these pavers are a real cut into the monthly budget, but my goodness they look great! I am now very glad I chose it over the cheaper and faster stamped concrete. My grandpa’s handyman friend did his and it looks absolutely terrible compared to this. My brother was being a creeper and staring out the window watching them for much of it. We can barely fit a grill and this patio table on it, but hey! a patio!!

I spent the majority of yesterday bumming and sleeping all to build up for today which was garage floor epoxy paint day!! Yaaaay!! I started around 10/11ish (when I locked myself out of the house after a stint at Lowes thank God my brother was still here) and kept going until 2:30. It felt much much longer in the oppressive humidity, but allllll done!!! Just a little bit at the very end where I ran out of flakes doggone it I knew that would happen >:E and just to spite me, as I was trying to evenly spread the very last bit the wind kicks up and blows it all out of my hands.


    ^ Protective eyewear

IMG_2572  IMG_2571 

^Poor man’s rubber boots because of the acid etch


^Latex and nitrile!!


^BEFORE after sweeping


^Acid etched


^Halfway through




^AFTER I lost at least a gallon of sweat


^ The very end where I ran out of flakes

The whole process was eerily similar to placing a tooth sealant. It’s actually quite funny what you understand about construction/adhesives/repair/etc just from dentistry. I believe that dentistry is at it’s core: engineering.

I am SO tired right now! And I planned to feed myself this staycation week from a large pot of beef stew but I ended up forgetting to leave the stew meat out of the freezer. Buh. Good thing there were leftovers from yesterday. It was kind of fun just having my brother and me together down here for a day. I fed him mashed potatoes, steak, chicken, green beans, corn on the cob and very salty corn niblets. I was actually kind of sad that he left this morning…in fact I kind of almost don’t want to live on my own…it’s not as fun not having other people in the house with me. Gable makes me feel better, even if he can’t open locked doors when I’m stuck outside. I can definitely see how old people would become depressed. On the other hand, knowing that I can do anything like wander around naked if I want is nice. There are no set schedules I have to adhere to. I can leave a mess if I feel like. Currently I am snacking on popcorn that is at least 3 months old. It’s not that bad.

Whoop fries are done, time to pop the leftovers in the microwave and boom dinner! :D Hopeless. 



3 thoughts on “Busy!

  1. Nice work! It takes me a super long time to finish anything so I’m always impressed when people can get a lot done within a reasonable time. I once took a month scraping off my bathroom wallpaper and repainting the walls XD


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